Rock Against Repatriation: Sailing 7″ Near mint. 1990 Steve Hackett organized this multi-artist recording. With Fish, 10cc, Marillion, Genesis, Bonnie Tyler etc. Check audio and video


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Rock Against Repatriation 

In December 1990 “Sailing” was remade as a protest song against the repatriation of Vietnamese boat people who had fled to Hong Kong: Steve Hackett, who organized this multi-artist recording intended to raise funds to assist those living in refugee camps, would recall:

I remembersitting there with Brian May and we were overdubbing the song on Christmas Eve. I had gotten people to work in England on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing DayI was becoming a professional beggar as you do when you undertake charity work. I was worried that I pushed a lot of my friends, family and management to the limit with this. But even as we sat there Christmas Eve doing the overdubs, they showed [the participating artists] working on TV from when they filmed us earlier. It had everyone singing along and it was a nice buzz for Brian and me. I was worried I pushed him on it, but he said ‘No, you got me out of myself by doing that. I’m glad you did that.’ So, it was a good effort. 

It was announced that both the Sutherland Brothers: Gavin and Iain, would be featured on the recording, although only Iain Sutherland would in fact be featured. Recorded at Surrey Sound Studios – with additional recording at the Cambridge Park and Maison Rouge studios (both in southwest London) and also Real World Studios  – the version of “Sailing” by Hackett et al. was issued 19 February 1990 with the artist credit Rock Against Repatriation to spend a single week on the UK chart ranking at #89 for the week ending 3 March 1990, and – despite Hackett’s allegation that “I must have done over twenty TV shows here in North America” in support of the single and its cause – a US release went unnoticed. Hackett would admit: “The single didn’t accomplish what I wanted it to.” 

A video was prepped for the Rock Against Repatriation version of “Sailing” which intercut footage of the featured artists performing with media images of the Vietnamese refugees forcibly repatriated from Hong Kong. 


Chart (1990) Peak
UK Singles (OCC)  89