RO-ROBOT: Land CD Ultra Rare, pressed in only 100 discs! CHECK AUDIO SAMPLES. UK post punk / Joy Division


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jewel case is broken, but CD disc and inserts are in great condition. This is a rare CD that was pressed in only 100 discs in total.


Ro-Robot is a Dutch group influenced mainly by British postpunk bands like Joy Division and The Sound offering a strange combination of non Metal powerful rocking material from The Cult or Warrior Soul.
a combination of new wave and the great post-punk tradition; short edgy and threatening.
Ro-robot (Netherlands / Holland) there are deep post-punk shadows, Joy Division serving Mass in several episodes of the voice, and a flanger effect trying to take You away longing not to come back. The Ep, recorded as They state in an abandoned country house, extricates it-self on the classic trio gtr/bs/drums, with the addition of some interesting & strange samples and a little farfisa-like pianola. A sound that looks to hide a promising future as melancholic, all pressed between distorted ghosts. Get Tested, the last track in order, is a one way ticket of pure spleen..

LAND (CD, 1999)
Running length  17:22
1 Tired, Ashamed and Without Passion 3:09
2 Never Met You Girl 2:41
3 Land 3:40
4 Four by Four 3:18
5 Get Tested 4:34
Label: Not On Label RO-R-001
Format: CD, Mini-Album
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1999
Genre: Alternative Rock, New Wave, Post Punk

The first official EP on CD Ro-robot, released independently in 1999.
Ro-robot is a Dutch post-punk band that was active from 1997 to 2005. They have among other things been in the program for Editors in Eindhoven.

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