RIVERS EDGE: compilation Soundtrack LP 1987 Slayer (4 songs from Show no Mercy), Hallows Eve, Fates Warning. Check samples


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RIVER EDGE: compilation Soundtrack LP 1987 still shrink wrapped!

The soundtrack album to the most controversial Film of ’87
Slayer (4 songs), Hallows Eve, Fates Warning, Burning Spear, Wipers, Agent Orange
Enigma 73242.

Track Listing:
1. Lethal Tendencies – Hallows Eve 6:38
2. Die By The Sword – Slayer 3:36
3. Kyrie Eleison – Fates Warning 5:23
4. Captor Of Sin – Slayer 3:30

5. Evil Has No Boundaries – Slayer 3:10
6. Fire In The Rain – Agent Orange 3:19
7. Tormentor – Slayer 3:44
8. Let Me Know – Wipers 3:02
9. Happy Day – Burning Spear 3:50

Unbelievably Kyrie Eleison by Fates Warning has an official Soundtrack clip!!!

The film featured early tracks from bands such as Slayer and Fates Warning, an unprecedented non-commercial approach that created a very dark vibe and aided the film becoming unconventionally monumental for its era.

“”Kyrie Eleison”” Written by John Arch & Jim Matheos Performed by Fates Warning

“”Captor of Sin”” Written by Jeff Hanneman & Kerry King Performed by Slayer

“”Tormentor”” Written by Jeff Hanneman Performed by Slayer

“”Evil Has No Boundaries”” Written by Jeff Hanneman & Kerry King Performed by Slayer

“”Die by the Sword”” Written by Jeff Hanneman Performed by Slayer

“”Lethal Tendencies”” Written by Stacy Anderson & David Stuart Performed by Hallows Eve

“”Let Me Know”” Written by Greg Sage Performed by The Wipers

“”Fire in the Rain”” Written by Mike Palm Performed by Agent Orange

“”Happy Day”” Written by Winston Rodney Performed by Burning Spear

“”Let Go, Let Go, Let Go”” Written and Performed by Hank Ballard

“”I’m Gonna Miss You”” Written and Performed by Hank Ballard

Almost five months before Metallica released Kill ‘Em All, Metal Blade owner Brian Slagel saw Slayer open a show for Bitch at the Woodstock Theater in LA. Blown away, he asked the band if it would submit a track to his upcoming compilation album Metal Massacre III. They agreed and when he heard the song they turned in, “Aggressive Perfector,” Slagel offered Slayer a record contract. On Dec. 3, 1983, the band released its scorching debut, Show No Mercy. Slayer wrote many of the songs for Show No Mercy before they were signed, including “Die by the Sword,” (“Black Magic”) and “Tormentor.” The rest were hashed out before the band entered the studio in November 1983. While the record is fierce and served as a major kick in the ass to other speed metal bands to ramp up their tempos and ratchet up their level of aggression, the production was sub-par, largely because it was recorded in a single week. “We did it every night from 11PM to seven in the morning,” Araya said. “It was the only time this guy could get away with charging us next to nothing. We paid him for his time and for the tape. ‘Here’s a $400 check.’ We spent $1,500 for it in total. Kerry borrowed money from his dad to pay for half, and I paid half.”                                                                                                                                                                                                          Show No Mercy was one of the first thrash records to include such blatantly Satanic lyrics and imagery: “Satan, our masters in evil mayhem guides us with every first step / Our axes are growing with power and fury, soon there’ll be nothingness left,” Araya growled on “Evil Has No Boundaries.”