RIVERDOGS: Bone CD Mint condition. 1993. Amazing singer. Check audio


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Category: Hard Rock
Year: 1993
Label: Dream Circle Records (Germany)
Catalog Number: DCD 9309

Mint condition.

Rob Lamothe: vocals, guitars, keyboards
Nick Brophy: lead guitars
Cary Beare: bass
Ronnie Ciago: drums, percussion
Christine Russell: backing vocals
Tracy Holliday: backing vocals
Holly Baumann: backing vocals
Sheri Ford: backing vocals
Josh Lamothe: harp, guitar

1. The Man Is Me 4:20
2. To Let Go 4:16
3. Shadow of You 5:03
4. Same Skin 3:11
5. Brave Enough 4:17
6. Revolution Man 6:37
7. Two Birds 4:33
8. Devil 5:24
9. Get Out of My Mind 3:30
10. This Ain’t Love 3:35
11. Pennsylvania 4:58
12. Love Is Not a Crime 5:09

Total Running Time: 54:53

Maybe not as commercial as the debut – but it has the same quality songwriting and THAT amazing voice. This is an epic album, Brave enough and The man is me are classics. Rob Lamothe can do no wrong for me!

The first six songs on this album are amazing, then plods along for a couple of songs and then continues with the high quality with track 10 onwards. As usual Rob lamothe is simply the best.92/100

Bone is an album that I approached with hesitation on first listen. How would it sound without Vivian Campbell on guitar and could it measure up to the bands previous studio album the magically gifted Riverdogs S/T debut release? All of these questions were answered with a resounding YES! Nick Brophy, the consummate musician, had served the band well on the debut release as a surprisingly good bass player who had set the tone and the foundation that the band built that album upon. A considerable task for a “converted” guitarist. Once again on this record he stepped to the forefront only this time as the lead guitarist! However, there is no drop-off in the rhythm section on this record as the band somehow was able to recruit a gifted bass player/singer in Cary Beare and an equally brilliant player in drummer Ronnie Ciago. Ciago and Beare are the real surprise on this record at how good of players they are. Cary, even gets a chance to sing lead vocals on “This Ain’t Love” and pulls it off quite well thank you very much. Throw into this mix the gifted vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Rob Lamothe and you have all the ingredients for a great record. Which, is just what you have from the opening cut “The Man Is Me” through the fadeout on “Love Is Not A Crime”. Rob Lamothes continued growth as a singer and song writer are so very evident on this record. The direction and sound of this album are nothing like the debut album which might be cause to turn away the casual fan who would be looking for familiarity. However, if you are a casual fan you probably won’t understand Rob Lamothe as a songwriter anyway. How many top 40 hits do you hear as gut wrenching and personnel as “The Man Is Me” or “Brave Enough” that tear at the very fabric of your soul (which is both a boon for Lamothe and a curse at the same time)? This is what pure emotion is supposed to be about and in that Rob is one of the very best song writers of the Rock n Roll era and with out a doubt one of the greatest American songsmiths. Thrown into the mix is a voice that few in rock n roll can equal and for which Rob is able to portray with such emotion the words and feelings that his songs convey. Thus, Bone is an album of pain, sorrow, happiness, love and most of all about life and hope in the future. Thus, it succeeds on its own as a fine piece of work that can easily stand up to any of the bands other material. The only draw back is that this record was released by Dream Circle in Germany thus, making its availability in North America difficult but, not impossible. Of note, is the CD single “Revolution Man” that was culled from this record. It features three songs “Revolution Man” (radio edit) and two acoustic pieces “Same Skin” (originial on “Bone”) and a previously unreleased song “Starting To Feel Like A Broken Heart”. “Broken Heart” is a great song that deserves to be heard in a wider spectrum however, this single is next to impossible to find even in Europe as it is out of print. This one is worth searching for, for that song if nothing else! Also, released on Dream Circle out of Germany.

The Riverdogs pulled it off again, even with a change in lineup, nothing can take away from the strength of the songwriting and the talent of the musicians. I have come to the conclusion that there is a Riverdogs or Rob Lamothe CD to fit my every mood… they all work to pick up my spirits anyway!

The Man is Me is an awesome song, starts the cd and I have decided that I need a tape player in my car because I don’t want to shut it off till its done… A lot of people were apprehensive as to how the band would sound without Vivian, but they pulled together and came out with an incredible cd!! Worth looking for!!

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