RITUAL CARNAGE: The Birth of Tragedy PROMO CD (Different artwork). Slayer, Sodom, Sepultura + DEATH cover.


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RITUAL CARNAGE “The Birth Of Tragedy”    11 tracks promo CD in card sleeve  LOGO COVER

CONDITION:  CD: mint.  cardboard sleeve: mint

Check all samples:  www.last.fm/music/Ritual+Carnage/The+birth+of+tragedy

or    https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-birth-of-tragedy/id300097653

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Osmose Productions
Playing time: 38:58
The Sixth Sense
The Birth Of Tragedy
Burning Eyes Of Rage
Paradox Of Democracy
Fall Of The Empire
Shroud Of Secrecy
Sanitys Thin Line
Grave New World
Dawn To Decadence
Psycho-Sadistic Psychosis
Infernal Death (DEATH cover)

They reached their peak! –
Whereas the band were searching for the sound suiting them as well as their songs the best way possible for two albums, they now got it. The guitar tone finally reached thrash metal sharpness here and now we can hear what riffs like these could and should sound like. None of that sludgy death metal inspired down tuning or blurry sound. Its thrash metal all the way here.Shredding instead of humming. We all know that a sharper sound gives riffs more definition and especially faster music sounds even faster this way.

The only complaint I could have about the production here are the drums. Just like for instance the Acrostichon album Sentenced the triggers and samples are way too obvious here and especially dated. The drums therefore dont always sound dynamic, alive and therefore slightly dishonest. A minor setback since the guitars, vocals and especially compositions really make up for it!

Damian Montgomery has gotten rid off his death metal tendencies vocally and now solely focuses on raw thrash metal rasping. The only downside is this might get a bit too monotone after a few songs but as said the song material here consists of some of their best songs. The band still plays fast on almost every track and only reveal their slower qualities on Paradox of Democracy and Grave New World from which especially the first has a remarkable good strong and catchy chorus.

Even though the average pace is high and most influences still come from Slayer, Sodom and Sepultura there now is time for some growth in their arsenal of riffs. On Fall of the Empire and Shroud of Secrecy some Gothenburg inspired semi-melodic riffs can be heard and From Dawn to Decadence even has an old school Bay Area groove at times.

The Birth Of Tragedy is the peak of their career and everything falls into place here. The band, in the eyes of some,. would take it all a bit too far on their next album I, Infidel because of the attempt to achieve more melodic vocals but here we can speak of maximum efficiency. Making The Birth Of Tragedy the definite Ritual Carnage album!


The most American of the Japanese bands is back with a new album that will as usual kick your ass and make you feel like headbanging for a few hours! Still, and that might be a surprise for many of you, the RITUAL CARNAGE of “The Birth Of Tragedy” is not the same band as the RITUAL CARNAGE of “The Highest Law” or “Every Nerve Alive” anymore.
Ok, when it comes about guitars, drums and production, the difference is not huge and you still have that good old Thrash Metal-spirit full of energy. What makes RITUAL CARNAGE change is that Damian has not the same voice anymore. The time when he used his fat and raw Death Metal-voice is over, now hes got an almost clear voice, a bit a la TESTAMENT a few years ago all in all I could say that Damian is evolving in the opposite way than Chuck Billy.

And the whole thing gives an album that you’d swear has been written in the first half of the 90s, in the vein of some Thrash a la FORBIDDEN, but ten times better. And of course, as in the past, they have also recorded a cover, here of “Infernal Death” from DEATH.

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