Ritchie Blackmore RAINBOW: Stranger in us all CD 1995. Vocals Dougie White. Check audio (whole album). + PROMO only postcard if you buy this CD


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Ritchie Blackmore’s RAINBOW: Stranger in us all T-SHIRT original 1995 (Deep Purple)

Ritchie Blackmore RAINBOW Stranger in us all PROMO only postcard. Free £0 for vinyl or magazine orders of £35+ or if you buy this CD.

Ritchie Blackmore RAINBOW Stranger in us all PROMO only postcard. Free £0 for vinyl or magazine orders of £35+ or if you buy this CD.

Singer for: Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Cornerstone, Balance of Power, Pink Cream 69, Praying Mantis, Rainbow, Tank

Stranger in Us All = Studio album by Rainbow
Released: August 21,1995
Recorded: 1995
Genre:Hard rock, heavy metal
Length: 51:44
Label: BMG
Producer: Pat Regan & Ritchie Blackmore

Stranger in Us All is a 1995 album by the reformed Rainbow. Ritchie Blackmore put together a new version of Rainbow with little-known musicians in 1994. It was originally intended to be his solo album, but due to the label BMG pressures, the record was billed as Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. This line-up only released the one album before Blackmore decided to pursue different musical styles and formed Blackmore’s Night with his companion Candice Night. As such, this album marks Blackmore’s final hard rock and roll recordings (to date.)
Released in the post-grunge mid ’90s, Stranger in Us All achieved a modest success, particularly in Europe.
Much of the album featured in the live concert sets. Drummer John O’Reilly was replaced for the tour, by the returning Chuck Burgi. John Miceli joined the band for the US shows, from February to May 1997, plus one in Denmark.
The album takes its name from a line in the song “Black Masquerade”.
A few songs off the album were played live by Over the Rainbow in 2008 and 2009, as the line-up of the band featured Greg Smith and Paul Morris, who played in Rainbow in 1995.

Track listing:
All songs written by Ritchie Blackmore and Doogie White except where indicated
“Wolf to the Moon” (White, Blackmore, Candice Night) 4:16
“Cold Hearted Woman” 4:31
“Hunting Humans (Insatiable)” 5:45
“Stand and Fight” 5:22
“Ariel” 5:39 (Blackmore, Night)
“Too Late for Tears” (White, Blackmore, Pat Regan) 4:50
“Black Masquerade” (White, Blackmore, Paul Morris, Night) 5:35
“Silence” 4:04
“Hall of the Mountain King” (Edvard Grieg, additional arrgmt. by Blackmore, lyrics written by Night) 5:34
“Still I’m Sad” (Paul Samwell-Smith, Jim McCarty) 5:22

Track 10 originally recorded by The Yardbirds on the album Having a Rave Up with The Yardbirds. The song was previously covered as an instrumental by the Dio-era Rainbow on Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow and with vocals on Rainbow On Stage and other live albums. Rainbow first covered it in 1975 and boney m in 1977.

Ritchie Blackmore – guitar
Doogie White – vocals
John OReilly – drums
Greg Smith – bass
Paul Morris – keyboards
Additional personnel:
Mitch Weiss – harmonica
Candice Night – background vocals

Ritchie Blackmore‘s celebrated career in rock ended not with a bang but with Doogie White. Rainbow‘s Stranger in Us All, released in August 1995, marked the end of one period and the beginning of another, as hints about Blackmore’s next move were embedded throughout the project.

It should have been different. After all, Rainbow had been absent from the scene since 1983’s Top 40 finisher Bent Out of Shape, followed by a long-awaited Blackmore reunion with Deep Purple. But the restless guitarist continued tinkering until Purple’s poorly received 1990 album Slaves and Masters found him working again with former Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner. (Some began derisively referring to the group as “Deep Rainbow.”)

In truth, Ritchie Blackmore had originally intended this to be a solo effort, until label execs pressured him into reviving the Rainbow brand. It wouldn’t last. A closer look at Stranger in Us All gives us a roadmap to where he’d be headed next.

Besides the core group of White, Paul Morris, Greg Smith and John O’Reilly, Stranger in Us Allalso features Blackmore’s wife Candice Night on background vocals. She co-wrote “Wolf to the Moon,” “Ariel,” “Black Masquerade,” and new lyrics for Grieg’s “Hall of the Mountain King.” Together, Blackmore and Night would go on to form the ren-faire folk band Blackmore’s Night. “Ariel” ended up appearing as part of their live sets.

5.0 out of 5 stars Shockingly good,
I read the review that said it was the best Rainbow CD since Dio left and thought, “Whatever.” Nonetheless, I was curious enough to buy it when I found it on e-bay, and I’m glad I did. This sounds like classic Joe Lynn Turner era Rainbow, except its more consistent. There are no bad songs here. Some of the riffs sound reminiscent of songs from Rainbows past, but that’s the closest thing to criticism that I can come up with for this disc. The production is great, the performances are solid, and Blackmore’s playing is as good as its ever been. I think it really is the best Rainbow album since Dio left. In short, this is not just for Rainbow “completists” — this is a required purchase for any fan of Rainbow or Ritchie Blackmore.

5.0 out of 5 stars Rainbow Rise Again,
Its difficult to believe this album was not critically acclaimed, I could only give it 5 stars but its worth 10.

I would suggest that the reviewer named A Customer treats him/herself to a new sound system

In my opinion its the best Rainbow album since Rising.. Doogie White is like a cross between Graham Bonnet and Joe Lynn Turner..another example of Ritchies ability to spot great talent.

This is just a brilliant rock album..what are you waiting for?
Order it now, you won’t be disappointed.

5.0 out of 5 stars How did I miss this one?
I clearly took my eye off the ball a few years ago because this album came and went and crept completely under my radar. I stumbled upon it during an hour of boredom when I decided to browse my way through Amazon and did a random search on Ritchie Blackmore. Stranger In Us All is fantastic and probably their best offering since the towering epic Rainbow Rising. Ritchie Blackmore was never afraid to change the personnel in his bands and the total clear out he had for this album could have back-fired badly …. but the maestro in the wide brimmed hat hasn’t let us down. Ok so Doogie White is no Dio …. but who is, even Graham Bonnet and the excellent Jo Lynn Turner struggled to fill that particular pair of shoes. This album starts with a high energy thumper of a track and never lets up all the way through. Hunting Humans is a particularly good track in a very new style for Blackmore – it wouldn’t sound out of place on an Ozzy album. My particular favourite is the final track…. the newly penned lyrics laid over their old song Still I’m Sad (which is also given a damn good burst of adrenaline too) is a steering wheel tapping masterpiece and a cracker to close the album with. Its been in my car for almost 6 months now … I love it to the point I can’t remember the last time I played Difficult To Cure. If anyone tells you this album is poor …. question whether they have actually sat down and listened to it. Its about as good a Rainbow album you can get without Dio … nuff said

5.0 out of 5 stars hidden gem,
being a big fan of dio era rainbow,read some reviews of this album and took a chance on it,glad i did,it is superb,if like me your a dio fan then you will love this album,forget since “you’ve been gone” “i surrender” etc,this is the business,”hall of the mountain king” and the reworking of “still i’m sad” are the gems,excellent.

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