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Suiciety is the second full-length album recorded by the Thrash metal/Progressive metal band Realm. It was released in 1990.

Released 1990
Genre: Thrash metal, Speed metal, Progressive metal
Length 45:35
Label Roadrunner

Track listing:
Cain Rose Up (Scream Bloody Murder) – 04:05
Fragile Earth – 03:40
Energetic Discontent – 03:50
Gateway – 03:29
Final Solution – 03:46
The Brainchild – 05:00
LaFlammes Theory – 05:04
Dick – 03:41
Knee Deep in Blood – 03:17
Suiciety – 09:43

Mark Antoni – vocals
Paul Laganowski – guitars
Takis Kinis – Guitars
Steve Post – Bass
Mike Olsen – drums

Realm definitely belongs among the hall of metal heroes, bringing music that far surpassed its times, showing exactly how technical, futuristic thrash metal should sound like. Suiciety continues the progressive thrash metal crusade started on Endless War, bringing even more brilliantly conjoined musical novelties. The band smoothed their sound, giving it a lot more space and structure. But the heaviness remained untouched – the album kicks off with a perfectly balanced thrash metal impact and keeps the listener overpowered until the last minute of the record.


Realms Suiciety is something of a tough call, with a lot more consistent and even appealing sound than on the bands début release but still with a notably more technical approach than on your average thrash metal album. The bands progressive tendencies are better controlled than on Endless War, the intricate riffs and arrangements make it easier to initially get into the music. The vocals remain very high-pitched but sound now smoother than on the début release, and therefore they do not appear as distractive anymore. As a result, the music flows surprisingly smoothly even though it takes time to learn to fully appreciate it due to its apparent complexity. Some tracks have almost futuristic touches on them, which sort of adds to the occasional spaced-out feel of this album. As a whole, Suiciety is quite a stylish effort, a worthy release.


Milwaukees progressive speed / thrash metal masters, Realm, and their video for “dick” from the 1990 Suiciety release on roadrunner records. It features some cool headbanging live clips from Mark Antoni, Paul Laganowski, Takis Kinis, Steve Post, and Mike Olson and an excellent harmony guitar solo. The song is about a heavy drinking and fast driving, and provides a sobering view of the bar culture, set to Realms unique song writing style – happy and depressing at the same time.

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