RAVENTHRONE: Endless Conflict Theorem CD PROMO (mint). Black metal w. European Folk n a Gothic twist.


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RAVENTHRONE is the creation of Engelmacher alias Armand Hortolomei and Pazuzu alias Ray Wells. They combine influences from all areas of extreme music, adding the unique element of PAZUZU style keyboards an using clean heroic type vocals combined with aggressive vocals. The début album “Malice in Wonderland” used that symphonic and epic direction and the international press received the album well. This one uses the same tested formula.

Raventhrone – Endless Conflict Theorem
Label: Avantgarde Music PROMO
Format: CD, Album
Country: Italy
Released: 2002
Genre: Black Metal, Avantgarde


1 The Gargoyle 3:21
2 Eaters Of The Dead 4:22
3 Among Whispering Walls 4:56
4 Soul Storm 4:18
5 Endless Conflict Theorem 5:21
6 An Oath In Silence 3:43
7 The Dragon Of The Nightsky 4:08
8 A Night Among The Ruins Of Basra 4:52
9 Song To The Wayfarers 3:35
10 Dawn Deliverance 3:32
11 Serenade Of The Dead (Outro) 4:37

Artwork By Jacek Wisniewski
Bass Ray Wells
Drums Mike Groeger
Guitar Ray Wells
Keyboards Ray Wells
Lyrics By Ray Wells
Mastered By Martin Schirenc
Mixed By Martin Schirenc
Producer Martin Schirenc, Ray Wells
Recorded By Martin Schirenc
Vocals Ray Wells

Recorded summer 2001 at the Vato Loco Studio in Vienna, Austria.

Its powerfully chunky. Great to play loud…Really loud. It is also catchy and singable. Like a giant Viking victory march. Buy this disk

I thought this was a very unique band. On this album Raventhrone combines traditional Blackmetal with European Folk, and added a Gothic twist. I gave it 4 stars because I didn’t like their take on some of the folk singing parts. On the plus side this cd had some very awesome heavier tracks with some very cool sounding keyboards, kind of sounded like Dan Swano keys.

I enjoyed this album and would recommend it to any serious Metal collectors.

Canadas Raventhrone come with attached with a strong and loyal following on the underground scene and with a massive reputation. The Canadian duo are a hybrid band who mix both black and folk metal specifically. Their sound has been described as being epic. I concur. They take this sound on and evolve into an underground cult classic.
The things which make this band so epic are easy to spot. The keyboards, for example, remind me of fellow epic Canadian bands like Melancholia. This, mixed with the clean vocals of Ray Wells, the spearhead by the creation, are the two main factors which contribute to this band being much more epic than they would be without these elements. Ray Wells vocals are excellent, as is his performance on keyboards. In fact, this becomes a deeply melodic and keyboard orientated album. The metallic vibes are constrained to the far from impressive drums and, occasionally, harsher growls which don’t feature too prominently at all.

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