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Dancing Undercover is Ratt third full length album. It was produced by Beau Hill. The album contained the hits “Dance”, “Slip of the Lip”, and “Body Talk”. “Body Talk” was later used on the soundtrack for the Eddie Murphy film, The Golden Child. In 2003 Metal-Rules.com named “”Dancing Undercover”” number 29 on their “”Top 50 Glam metal Albums””. L.A. pop-metal merchants Ratt were being wise by knowing that they shouldn’t mess with a successful formula, so after scoring multi-platinum sales with their first two albums, they decided to reprise most all of their attributes for their third, 1986 Dancing Undercover.

SAMPLES: www.allmusic.com/album/dancing-undercover-mw0000191537

One Good Lover
Drive Me Crazy
Slip of the Lip
Body Talk
Looking for Love
7th Avenue
It Doesn’t Matter
Take a Chance
Enough Is Enough

5.0 out of 5 stars Outrageous sound,
I heard this album when it first came out and remember being impressed by ‘dance’. What a gem!
This rocks all the way through. The hard and fast numbers grab you first (Dance, Drive me crazy, Body talk) but then the slower ones shine through after a few listens and become even more enjoyable – best of these are ‘One good lover, Slip of the lip, It doesn’t matter & Take a chance’, great melody from start to finish. The vocals are the outrageous part, unusual, maybe a bit OTT (Drive me..crayzee..oooooooh yeaaah!), unreal but interesting. Its fun to listen to for both the sound and the subject matter – the whole album is about love and girls.

This should be a great album to blast in the car!

5.0 out of 5 stars Same old Ratt,
This album has some pretty decent songs on it and are quite catchy after you listen to them a few times. Dance, Body Talk and One Good Lover are mediocre offerings yet help the good songs stand out tremendously. Looking For Love is simply the best song Ratt have ever done with a catchy chorus and brilliant guitar work by Robbin Crosby. Other good’uns are Enough Is Enough, Slip Of The Lip, Drive Me Crazy and 7th Avenue which has superb drumming by Bobby Blotzer.

5.0 out of 5 stars RATT AT THEIR VERY BEST
Ratt was one of my favorite bands from the 80. Their first two full albums “”Out of the Cellar”” and “”Invasion of your Privacy”” were very good, but for me, this is where the band put it all together. Never have they sounded so smooth and tight, with razor sharp guitars and great hooks throughout. “”Dance””, “”Body Talk””, “”One good Lover”” etc. are all outstanding 80 hard rock. If you get one RATT album, this is the one.

5.0 out of 5 stars heavy rhythms, great hooks, Demartini craftiest effort…
“”Dance”” and “”Body Talk”” were the two big hits here but, as with most hard core fans, you need to dig deeper to find the REAL gems. “”One Good Lover”” and “”7th Avenue”” possess two of the best Demartini solos I’ve ever heard. “”Drive Me Crazy”” is a great driving tune. “”Slip of the Lip”” is a heavy slow groove. But listening to these tunes out of the context of the album is not the same. It is best to listen to this album straight through to really appreciate it, but I guess that could be said for any Ratt album. As a complete package, this Ratt album wins hands down.

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