RATNAPURA: Elegant Elephant CD RARE Italian. Check samples. Great Progressive, psychedelic Hard Rock, melodic female vocals


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Progressive, psychedelic Hard Rock of the best quality!


Check sampleshttp://chirb.it/EKBq68 (segments from songs 1 + 5)

Ratnapura – Elegant elephant
Label: Freak out records FREAK 007
Tracklist:1 – Blender 3:49       (included segment from 2:02 to 2:59)
2 – Kippis  3:17
3 – Elegant elephant  3:50
4 – Marcel  4:15
5 – My spare time   3:27   (included segment from 2:22 to 3:22)

Total 18:36

Rimini  1993:

Lele and Gigi, after the experience together in Viva Las Vegas , found the band putting together a solid drummer Charles P. which at that time was beating hard in X Liza & the Boston Hard Drum Machine (the hard part of Boston drum machine), and Bob who was called for an audition (and seized immediately after the same).
outer eye, the band was the sum of a rock singer / blues bassist brit-pop, post-punk guitarist and a drummer noise. A recipe from the ingredients difficult to bond with each other than with beer.
were the years of grunge, Nirvana, the untied, amphibians Doc Martin’s, long hair and shit, they were also the years of Ratnapura.
During the 90s Ratnapura revolved exclusively in the depths of the underground, cultivating a network of contacts that they took to perform in places of all kinds, from jazz clubs to community centers, local school ‘or less underground, squares and even military academies.
In ’96 they released the first single / EP for indie label FreakOut!, produced by Paul Chain and distributed by Flying Records. In parallel with an intense live activity, including the display in the Territory Match Music in ’96, ’97 are invited to participate in the compilation Transromagna, fetched a tribute to smooth the emerging rock band from Romagna, produced by Solar Music Roul Casadei.


Band storica di Rimini, fece il suo ingresso nel 1993 nell’allora fiorente circuito delle band dell’underground romagnolo. I suoi 4 eterogenei componenti hanno sicuramente creato e proposto un sound e una musicalità molto originale raccogliendo interessanti successi di pubblico su tutto il territorio europeo.
Dopo la pubblicazione di “”Elegant Elephant””, CD Singolo pubblicato nel ’96 con la leggendaria etichetta FREAK OUT! e distribuito da FLYING RECORDS, e la partecipazione a un paio di compilation insieme ad artisti locali, la band si sciolse quasi all’improvviso e per motivi mai ufficializzati n dagli ex-membri n dal loro entourage, nell’ormai lontano 1998, al termine di una lunga serie di concerti e tour dall’Olanda alla Polonia, e lasciando un’indelebile ricordo di energica LIVE BAND, pi votata appunto alle performance DAL VIVO che non in studio. Questo  il principale motivo per cui circolano pochissime registrazioni ufficiali della band.

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