RARE BLEND: Evolution Theory CD Jazz/Fusion [Pink Floyd, The Who, Yes, Planet X, Niacin]. Check samples


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Those of you that are really into the Jazz/Fusion thing will definitely like this band out of Cleveland / U.S.A. Very smooth musicianship with layered keys (Hammond B3 sound or a least a close attempt of it), technically-timed drums (real ones too!) and music that would be best described as Pink Floyd, The Who and Yes teaming up with Zaza, Firkins, Saraceno and Planet X or Niacin. 10 total tracks (10th is a bonus) with very interesting songwriting since every song takes on a new life of its own; examples stream from “Catamenco” with a Latin meets Flamenco/Jazz style as well as “Lost 7/8”, “Chillin'”, “Technojam” and “Apochromatic Wanderings

1. Little Mean Baby 4:30
2. Lost 7/8 4:27
3. Catemaco 5:33
4. Belly Dancer 7:20
5. Chillin’ 4:17
6. Techno Jam 3:38
7. Apochromatic Wanderings 7:01
8. Fifty Thousand Years 2:55
9. Rods Migraine 1:45
10. So Cool 5:30

* These guys take the “jazz fusion” genre and make it their own!! The bassist , Jeff Scott ,is awesome!!
BUY THIS CD, you won’t be sorry….!!

* author: 1340 Magazine “Evolution Theory” is a great CD and it should appeal to fans of the modern jazz-fusion genre and may even win over some who are not familiar with this style as well. Great recording, great CD! (Jeff Holton / 1340 Magazine – Aurora, NY)

* author: Relix Magazine Rare Blends latest album, Evolution Theory, is a solid, impressive effort that highlights its diversity and musical precision…(Mick Skidmore / Relix Magazine – New York, NY)

* author: JazzReview.com Rare Blend explores their own “Evolution Theory” by taking music and all its possibilities to another level of audio perception by combining jazz and rock to create a fusion of sound that is both bracing and multifaceted in nature.(JazzReview.com / Milwaukee, WI USA)

* author: Music Dish What a blessing to have so much talent in one band and have the ability to be so flexible. If you enjoy prog-rock and jazz or any combination thereof this CD is your ticket to paradise..(MuzikMan – Associate Writer / MusicDish)

* author: Progression Magazine Versatility, Thy name is Rare Blend. Working a rainbow spectrum of styles and doing them all justice, this band truly delivers on its name. First Rate!…(Alex S. Johnson / Progression Magazine – Lowell, MA)

* author: Progressive Newsletter Its really astonishing what brilliant bands you can discover if you dig deeper and don’t rely on the crap being published by most of big major companies. “Evolution theory” should appeal to everyone who likes a good rocking mixture of Jazz Rock / Fusion with a light Latin and Funk touch.

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