QUIET RIOT: Condition Critical LP 1984. Mint condition vinyl. “Mama we are all crazy now”, “Party All Night”, “Sign Of The Times”. Check videos


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Check the exclusive video showing this LP for sale

Check the exclusive video showing this LP for sale

Quiet Riot ‎ Condition Critical ‎

EPC 26075, 26075 Europe 1984

Track Listing:
1. Sign Of The Times
2. Mama Weer All Crazee Now
3. Party All Night
4. Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet
5. Winners Take All
6. Condition Critical
7. Scream And Shout
8. Red Alert
9. Bad Boy
10. (We Were) Born To Rock

the 2nd Quiet Riot disc featuring guitar player Carlos Cavazo. This disc managed to sell over 3 million copies.
Stellar effort by the Quiet Riot crew of Kevin Dubrow, Carlos Cavazo, Rudy Sarzo, and Frankie Banali.
The songs Mama Weer All Crazee Now, and Party All Night are two of Quiet Riot’s biggest anthems ever, and are favorites of millions of fans.

Stomp Your Hands, Clap your Feet is pure 80’s cheese. Nice!

Winners Take All was Quiet Riot’s lone attempt at a power ballad on Condition Critical.

The guitar sound on Condition Critical sounds a lot like a few of the songs Ozzy was releasing around the same time period. I can definitely hear Randy Rhoads influence on Carlos Cavazo on this song. I actually like it more today, than when I picked this disc up years ago.

Scream and Shout is one of the heavier songs on Condition Critical, and a pretty good one at that.

After listening to Red Alert again, I am surprised that Quiet Riot didn’t release this song as a single. It isn’t an amazing song, but could have possibly been a modest hit for the band back in the 80’s.

Carlos Cavazo’s guitar playing is the highlight on Bad Boy. This track would just be average if not for his excellent guitar licks.

(We Were) Born To Rock is solid.

[Killer tune from these pioneers of Heavy Metal & their second album, Quiet Riot- “”Sign Of The Times!!”” ….Because havin’ fun ain’t no crime!! ]

With the momentum of 1983 Metal Health behind it, Condition Critical went platinum very quickly. Today, Metal Health is certified 6x platinum and Condition Critical is still single platinum. The success of Metal Health ushered in a new era of commercial heavy metal. But just one year later, in 1984, there were tons of bands competing for a piece of the pie. Quiet Riot were no longer alone atop the mountain. It also didnât help that 1984 was (in my opinion) the greatest year of heavy metal, period. Condition Critical was competing with commercial blockbuster albums by the likes of Twisted Sister (Stay Hungry), Ratt (Out Of The Cellar), Whitesnake (Slide It In), and tons more. Many bands have Quiet Riot to thank for starting a commercial metal movement, and its ironic that Quiet Riot ended up getting squeezed right out of the picture. DuBrowâs bad press also contributed the bandâs wane in popularity.
Okay, so Condition Critical is a fun album. The lyrics are ridiculous and DuBrow is a clown through and through. Opening track Sign Of The Times is the albumâs best track and a rousing party anthem. Slade cover Mama Weer All Crazee Now comes up next. Two more fun (but entirely stupid) party tracks follow; Party All Night and Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet. Side one closes with a ballad so cheesy it would make Manowar blush, Winners Take All. A guilty pleasure!

Quiet Riot: Death, Drugs And Rock And Roll

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