QUEENSRYCHE: Empire [Tape] 1990 Check videos “Empire”, “Silent Lucidity”, “Best I Can”, “Jet City Woman”, “Another Rainy Night”, “Anybody Listening?”+ audio review of the album


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QUEENSRYCHE Empire an audio review of the album:  http://chirb.it/Hz5wnc   or  https://voca.ro/2NQpGm7zqYh   or https://scribie.com/files/c6f2d542c8fb4b67b97be4a0fe7f4afc6a13048b

Released August 20, 1990
Recorded Vancouver Studios, Vancouver, Canada, Spring 1990
Triad Studios, Redmond, Washington, (tracks 6, 12-14)
Genre Heavy metal, progressive metal
Length 63:23
Label EMI
Producer Peter Collins

Singles from Empire:
“”Empire / Scarborough Fair”” Released: September 1990
“”Silent Lucidity / The Mission (live)”” Released: February 1991
“”Best I Can / I Dream in Infrared”” Released: June 1991
“”Jet City Woman / Empire (live)”” Released: August 1991
“”Another Rainy Night (Without You) / Last Time in Paris”” Released: November 1991
“”Anybody Listening? / Scarborough Fair”” Released: 1992

CHECK ALL SAMPLES: www.allmusic.com/album/empire-mw0000052350

With the breakthrough success and worldwide respect that Queensryche gained from their conceptual masterpiece OPERATION: MINDCRIME, how could the band possibly outdo or at the least match themselves? Just two years after the release of MINDCRIME Queensryche reinvented themselves (though certainly not for the last time). While many fans were clamoring for a conceptual sequel, the band returned to a song-oriented approach that was more art rock and less metal-edged.

Now quite far removed from the fantasy and techno-paranoia lyrical themes of their earlier works, the band tackled overcoming social and physical handicaps (“Best I Can”), poverty, and regret (“Della Brown”). Focused much less on the darker side of love that was always so prevalent in their sound, the bandwas now brave enough to be romantic (“Another Rainy Night”)

and “Hand On Heart”). While Queensryche lost some diehard metal fans with EMPIRE, the mature sound and tight production of Peter Collins (Rush) saw the band break into the mainstream (and top off at #9 on the Billboard singles chart) with the Pink Floyd-inspired “Silent Lucidity”.


Metal Hammer 147, 4/97 Apr 1997. Queensryche on cover, Iced Earth on cover, Judas Priest, Sepultura, Magnum, Sodom, Warlord

KERRANG No.516 October 1994 Excellent Condition + 5 posters + 4 postcards. QUEENSRYCHE on cover, IRON MAIDEN, DANZIG, Poison with Pamela Anderson

Metal Hammer 179, 11/99 Nov 1999. Queensryche on cover, My Dying Bride on cover HUGE POSTER Ozzy Osbourne HUGE POSTER Iced Earth

Metal Hammer 222, 6/2003 June. Queensryche on cover, Kreator on cover, Metallica, Fates Warning, Derek Sherinian, Sonata Arctica

Metal Hammer 202, 10/2001 Oct. Queensryche on cover, Anathema on cover, Manowar, Kreator, Therion, Saxon, Virgo, Armored Saint

KERRANG No. 77 SEP 1984 Mint condition. Geoff Tate Queensryche on Cover, Iron Maiden in Poland, Spinal Tap, Queen, Dio, Ozzy, Marseille

KERRANG No.122, June 1986 Free £0 for magazine or 12″ vinyl orders of 49+. QUEENSRYCHE on cover, big spread on Saxon in Athens, Greece.

KERRANG No.212 Mint condition Nov. 1988 Queensryche cover, Helloween, Uncle Sam, Raven, Artch, Dark Angel, Dare, Bloodgood, Wrathchild

QUEENSRYCHE: Empire [Tape] 1990 Check videos “Empire”, “Silent Lucidity”, “Best I Can”, “Jet City Woman”, “Another Rainy Night”, “Anybody Listening?”+ audio review of the album

QUEENSRYCHE: Operation Mindcrime [tape]

Scott ROCKENFIELD (Queensryche drummer): The X Chapters (soundtrack) CD. 1st press original 2002. different covers / artwork.

QUEENSRYCHE: I am I [Limited Edition 12″. Gold Disc Envelope Pack. Containing Two Colour Prints] Check videos

QUEENSRYCHE: Bridge [Tape] Check video

Queensryche the warning tour programme

Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime T-Shirt (Original Vintage 1988 Fan club only shirt)

QUEENSRYCHE: Bridge CD PART 1. Complete with 5 cards showing pictures of the band. + 3 live songs in London. Check video

QUEENSRYCHE: The Warning CD 1987 UK version. Original recording NOT the remastered. Check videos

QUEENSRYCHE: Rage For Order CD original recording (NOT remastered) Check video. The most underrated QR album.

QUEENSRYCHE: Best I can CD. + edit + Acoustic Remix + live-Check video

QUEENSRYCHE: Road to Promised Land PROMO CD. Rare 10 track US PROMO. Check video

QUEENSRYCHE: Queen Of The Reich CD E.P + 1 bonus track. original recording NOT the remastered. Check video.

QUEENSRYCHE: Bridge PROMO CD. Rare 4 track UK PROMO (+ 3 live songs). Check video

QUEENSRYCHE: Tribe PROMO CD. RARE UK promo. Great songs, great album.

Hear ‘n Aid: Hear’n Aid LP Stars 1985. An All Star album for Famine relief 1986 LP VINYL featuring 36 top METAL musicians

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