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Type: Full-length
Release date: April 24th, 2003
Catalog ID: UGR022
Label: United Guttural Records
Format: CD
1. Drenched in Gasoline 02:49
2. Gallery of Horrors 03:16
3. Bodies on Display 01:24
4. Collection of Butchery 03:38
5. Remnants of Insanity 02:07
6. Covered in Excrement 03:15
7. Bleed for Me 00:15
8. Severed Head Memento 03:56
9. Held Captive for Torture 03:19
10. Dead in the Alleyway 02:34
11. Merciless Homicide 03:23
12. Shit Body Painting 02:15

Collection of… I don’t really have a joke – 90%

Putrid Pile plays retarded brutal death metal with a drum machine, and they (or he, rather) have very catchy riffs and vocals, in addition to very clear and full production. ‘Collection Of Butchery’ gurgles, shrieks, blasts and grinds through twelve tracks of retarded delight that I can listen to over and over and over again without every getting bored even though all the tracks are the same and overall the music is very stupid. It’s about as mindless as brutal death metal gets and I love it.

Okay, there’s very little to say about this music. There’s nothing complicated going on. Everything’s just working in tandem most of the time: the drum machine blasts or double basses with the occasional bit of syncopated snare (there aren’t really any fills at all), the guitars run through sequences of tremolo riffs and Suffocation-type chugging sections, with a fair bit of melody to each, actually, and the vocals alternately gurgle or shriek various socially unacceptable things. The whole thing is structured very sequentially: riff one, riff two, riff three, etc. It’s simple, but it allows you to focus on whatever LaCanne wants you to focus on at the time; the chug riff, the screech, etc. It’s also to the album’s advantage that all those riffs and screeches are executed well, in the context of good songs, and wrapped up in a pretty bow of bass-heavy and crystal clear production.

So, in conclusion, it’s musical candy for brutal death metal fans and pretty much exclusively for them. It’s dumb and heavy and fast and well-executed, so listen to it if you like songs about people getting set on fire.

Merciless and brutal – 86%

When I first stumbled upon this I was convinced that it was just another band in the vein of Devourment and Brodequin. Since I personally can´t stand that kind of death metal that in my opinion is only about being as brutal and twisted as possible I wasn´t expecting much of this. Guess if I was supprised to find out that it was really good.

Of course it is brutal as hell, as you can expect from the genre but unlike the bands I mentioned earlier they put some effort into the songwriting and the result is really nice. Another major difference from those bands is that the vocals on this album actually is good. Of course they are deep and twisted but they also vary some and there´s light screams as well. It´s fast and brutal but it also has some “calmer” moments that makes you wanna headbang until you drop. There no point talking about stand out tracks since most of the songs sound the same but the best songs is Drenched in gasoline, Severed head memento, Bodies on display and Shit body painting. If you are into brutal deathmetal but are tired of all bands that try to be brutal in first hand and writing good songs in second this is something for you.

Putrid Pile – Collection of Butchery – 95%

Putrid Piles “Collection of Butchery” Is simply 12 tracks of extreme Brutality! The song construction is great down to the very last song and all the instrument are skilfully played and can all be heard perfectly well! Also Collection Of Butchery has an original sound, even thew it takes after a few bands it cant be labelled as similar to any of them, There sound is some-what original witch is a nice change. Surprisingly Putrid Pile is a one-man band and even thew they use a drum machine, which normally I find, on a cd of this genre is a bit of a let down…thew in this particular cd it sounds great! The overall sound production on the cd is top class with a very crisp and clear yet it also has a sick sound to it. Finally a sick ass Digi-art cover of some women cut to peaces by a guy, adds to the over all sick image of the release. The cd also comes with lyrics witch are often forgot on Death/grind releases! In my opinion this is surely one of United Gutturals better releases! This is a must by for anyone interested in sick Death/grind!!

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