Punk and Disorderly LP 1981 UK compilation. Adicts, Red Alert, Chaos U.K, Blitz, G.B.H. etc. 16 songs. Check videos


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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Punk And Disorderly
Description: Orig. UK Abstract Records Made In France. Inc. Vice Squad, Adicts, U.K Decay, Partisans, Blitz, Disorder, Peter And The Test Tube Babies, Dead Kennedys, Demob, Insane, Abrasive Wheels, Red Alert, Chaos U.K, Outcasts, G.B.H, Disrupters
Label: abstract records
Label-No.: AABT 100
Country: UK
Format: 12inch vinyl lp (original Black vinyl)
Year: 1981

Fuckin’ awesome! Absolutely superb!!! the best of the best. In a time filled with corporate music it is great that some people still listen to great punk like this!

01. Vice Squad – Last Rockers
02. The Adicts – Straight Jacket
03. UK Decay – For My Country
04. Disorder – Complete Disorder
05. P&TTTB – Banned From The Pub
06. Disrupters – Young Offender
07. Red Alert – In Britain Oi! Punk veterans from England (Sunderland) on their best. Cast iron fucking legend!
08. Blitz – Someones Gonna Die One of the all time great punk bands. The tone, the catchy hooks, and the rest of it is fantastic and stands well above most everything else that came out from all the various punk subgenre’s. Reminds me a lot of a more gnarly version of the Buzzcocks, or the Buzzcocks with a bit more militarism and boots. Blitz have to be somewhere in the top ten.

09. Dead Kennedys – Kill The Poor
10. The Partisans – Police Story
11. Demob – No Room For You
12. The Insane – Last Day
13. Abrasive Wheels – Army song
14. Chaos UK – 4 Minute Warning
15. Outcasts – Mania
16. G.B.H. – Race Against Time

5.0 out of 5 stars The way things used to be
This compilation is worth every penny spent. With bands like Dead Kennedy’s, The Addicts, Red Alert, Blitz, etc. How could you go wrong?

5.0 out of 5 stars Classic
A great summary of the unpolished punk of the 70s and 80s. A good look into the bands that defined the era of early punk.

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