Powerplay magazine 31, March 2002 Check out EXCLUSIVE video. Zakk Wylde on cover, Sum 41, Graham Bonnet, Firehouse, Kreator, Judas Priest


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Powerplay magazine is a truly great magazine. Great layout, great quality glossy paper (!!), in depth interviews and honest record reviews all done by contributors that have the knowledge and the skill to write proper reviews and interviews!!!


Check out EXCLUSIVE video:

Powerplay magazine 31, March 2002,
Zakk Wylde, Sum 41, Graham Bonnet, Adema, Firehouse, Magnum, Kreator, Kittie, DC Cooper, Clutch, Evergrey, Takara, Pennywise.

Judas Priest, Drowning Pool, Rollins Band, Lit, Iced Earth, Headspeed.

Corporate Avenger, Rollins Band, King Diamond, Drowning Pool, Mostly Autumn, Decapitated, Otherworld, Uhrilehto, Black Label Society, Esqarial, Black Steel, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bonfire, Abortus, Girlschool, Necrology, Mercenary, Gov’t Mule, Iced Earth, Teri Tims.

Lockup, DGM, Hoobastank, Diabolicum, Judie Tzuke, Darrell Bath, Tad Morose, Unwelcome, Mesh Stl, Vital Sign, V/A – Century Media Anniversary, Flowing Tears, Satariel, Warmen, Diabolic, Parber & Kerstein, The Black League, Time Machine, Power Quest, Uriah Heep, December, Magnum, Barcode, Salacious Gods, Green Carnation, Joshua Perahia, KDS Crew, Rick Wakeman, Thy Primordial, Royal Hunt, Blind Passengers, Cruachan, Thoten, Callenish Circle, Moonsorrow, Thin Lizzy, The Get Up Kids, Scenario, Shadows Fall, Stevie Nicks, Slavestate, Iniquity, Blood For Blood, Demons Of Dirt, Ring OF Fire, Khang, Two Day Rule, Death On Wednesday, Gilla Bruja, Grey LAdy Down, Sarepta, Dream Theater, Eyes Wide Upen, Kansas, Ephel Duath, Scott Mosher, Elegion, Shadowsphere, Anathema, Strife, The Erotics, Scar Culture, Skymning, Horrorscope, Nativist, Fast Times, Black Dawn, Indication, Last Drop, Judas Priest, Arise, Rory Gallagher, Voice Of A Generation, Celestial Ode, The Damned, Disinter, Gurkhas, Tron, Cyberia, Midnight Sun, Ringworm, Abbadon Incarnate, K-Octave, Skin Tag, V/A – Another Round Of Golf, Paul James Berry, Danny Frye & The Devildolls, Project Alcazar, Geared 4, Chalice, Saliva, Morbid Feeling, The Movielife, Himsa, No Idea 500, Sham 69 vs The Damned, Minus, Brothers Keeper, Roadsaw, Garrison, V/A – The Desert Sessions 7 & 8, Humble Pie.

AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, Dinosaur Rock, Multimedia Madness, MP3 Power Bytes, Ozbits, The Dio Diary new column from one of metals legendary heroes.


POWERPLAY Issue number: 31
Date : March 2002


Featured artists:
Zakk Wylde – 4 page interview w/photos
Kittie – 1 page interview w/photo
Magnum – 2 page interview w/photo
Evergrey – 2 page interview w/photo
Clutch – 1.5 page interview w/photo
DC Cooper – 1.5 page interview w/photo
Corporate Avenger – 1 page review w/photo
Rollins Band – 0.5 page review w/photo
King Diamond – 0.5 page review w/photo
Drowning Pool – 0.5 page review w/photo
Mostly Autumn – 0.5 page review w/photo
Pretty Boy Floyd – 0.5 page review w/photo
Esqarial – 0.5 page review w/photo
Black Label Society – 0.5 page review w/photo
Destructor – 0.5 page review w/photo
Bonfire – 0.5 page review w/photo
Abortus – 0.5 page review w/photo
Girlschool – 0.5 page review w/photo
Necrology – 0.5 page review w/photo
Mercenary – 0.5 page review w/photo
Govt Mule – 0.5 page review w/photo
Iced Earth – 0.5 page review w/photo
Teri Tims – 0.5 page review w/photo
Graham Bonnet (Rainbow/Alcatrazz) – 2 page interview w/photo
Mike Tramp (White Lion) – 1 page interview w/photo
Sum 41 – 2 page interview w/photo
Balance Of Power – 2 page interview w/photo
Takara – 2 page interview w/photo
Adema – 2 page interview w/photos
Pennywise – 1.5 page interview w/photos
Kreator – 2 page interview w/photos
Rollins Band – 0.5 page live review w/photo
Iced Earth – 0.5 page live review w/photos
plus much morePowerplay magazine 31, March 2002 Zakk Wylde on cover, Sum 41, Graham Bonnet, Adema, Firehouse, Kreator, Judas Priest

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