Powerplay magazine 27, 2001 Alice Cooper cover, Ted Nugent, Gamma Ray, Nightwish, Akercocke, The Haunted, Bullet Boys


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Powerplay magazine is a truly great magazine. Great layout, great quality glossy paper (!!), in depth interviews and honest record reviews all done by contributors that have the knowledge and the skill to write proper reviews and interviews!!!

POWERPLAY 27 Issue number: 27
Date : Oct. 2001


Featured artists:
Alice Cooper – 3 page interview w/photos
Ted Nugent – 2.5 page live review w/photos
Gamma Ray – 2.5 page interview w/photos
Jimmy Barnes – 2.5 page interview w/photos
The Haunted – 2 page interview w/photos
Akercocke – 2 page interview w/photo
The Bullet Boys – 2 page interview w/photo
Darkthrone – 2 page interview w/photo
Exumer – 2 page interview w/photo
Gamma Ray – 1 page review w/photo
Supreme Majesty – 0.5 page review
Kick – 0.5 page review w/photo
Alice Cooper – 0.5 page review w/photo
Jimmy Barnes – 0.5 page review w/photo
Stabbing Westward – 0.5 page review w/photo
Rabies Caste – 0.5 page review w/photo
Manowar – 0.5 page review w/photo
Glenn Hughes – 0.5 page review w/photo
Goliath – 0.5 page review w/photo
Mortiis – 0.5 page review w/photo
Gob – 0.5 page review w/photo
Rise – 0.5 page review w/photo
Krisiun – 1 page interview w/photo
Nightwish – 3 page interview w/photos
Robin Brock – 2 page interview w/photo
Jimmy Barnes – 0.5p age live review w/photo
Feeder/The Wildhearts/King Prawn – 1.5 page live review w/photos
Bon Jovi – 0.5 page live review w/photo
Melodica – 0.5 page live review w/photo
Plus much more

CHECK and buy:

KERRANG NO. 159 October 1987 with stickers! Alice Cooper on cover, AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Anthrax, Motorhead, Aerosmith, Kreator, Whitesnake, Motley Crue

KERRANG No. 133 November 1986 Very good condition. Alice Cooper on cover, Motorhead, Bad Company, Thor, Georgia Satellites, WASP, Manowar, Kiss, Queen, Girlschool

Wes Craven’s SHOCKER LP: Great soundtrack. MEGADETH (Alice Cooper cover), Dangerous Toys, Saraya, Bonfire (unreleased KISS demo song), Alice Cooper. VIDEOS

TYSONDOG: SKools out 12″ (Alice Cooper cover) + 2 Extra songs. Different sleeve cover. Has pen marking on A side.

TYSONDOG: Schools out 7″ Skools out (Alice Cooper cover) + Dont let the Bastards Grind you down. RECOMMENDED. Check audio.

Emma RIDLEY: Schools Out 7″ + Schools Out (the trash mix) Sexy Emma covers the Alice Cooper classic. Check video

LIZZY BORDEN: Deal with the Devil CD Enhanced. used. + Alice Cooper & Blue Oyster Cult covers + Joey Vera.

ALICE COOPER: Schools Out LP 1972 UK Early jacket version. Has fold open die-cut desktop. Strange gatefold like album cover

ALICE COOPER: Welcome to My Nightmare LP Classic Rock, Glam, Rock Opera. Incl. Only Women Bleed. Special Guest Star • Vincent Price

ALICE COOPER: Killer LP 1971. This is a Killer LP. Under My Wheels etc. Check videos

ALICE COOPER: Trash LP Big hits incl. Poison + House Of Fire + Why Trust You + Only My Heart Talkin + Bed Of Nails

ALICE COOPER: The Last Temptation [Official PROMO TAPE] Check video

ALICE COOPER: Poison E.P [Poison, Trash, Ballad of Dwight Fry (Live)] Check VIDEO

Metal Hammer vol 2 VHS. Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Doro, ALICE COOPER, Mindfunk, SKID ROW, Anthrax, Overkill, The Cult, OZZY-

The WILD ONE LP. Queen, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Bruce Dickinson, Megadeth, Thunder, Georgia Satellites, Robert Plant, Little Angels

ALICE COOPER: Hey Stoopid 7″ special version, a much better one! Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, Joe Satriani guest! Check video

Heavy Storm CD Promo. Accept, Diamond Head, Gary Moore, Alice Cooper, Scorpions, Zed Yago, U.D.O., Alice Cooper, Gary Moore, Guess Who, Steve Morse. Check audio samples.

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