POISONED ELECTRIC HEAD: The Big Eye Am LP Small punch hole (corner of cover).unique bouncy flavour of funny prog. Check videos!


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Poisoned Electrick Head The Big Eye Am
Label: Abstract Sounds
Catalog#: ABT 098
Format: LP
Country: France
Released: 1994
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock
1 Mad Way To Be 4:06
2 Out Of Order 6:16
3 Mr Weasel 5:49
4 Liver & Kidneys 6:04
5 The Hole 8:22
6 Telebot 4:23
7 Bobby Simpson 6:15
8 Pendulum 7:03

All songs written by Poisoned Electrick Head (C) 1994.
Sleeve artwork by Zapeep. Inspired by H. R. Giger.

Their first couple of cassette albums could roughly be described as psychadelic rock, but it was their fourth album The Big Eye Am (1994) veered into a unique bouncy flavour of prog, featuring the epic “Pendulum”.
Their sound? Think Devo-inspired bouncy psychadelic/prog rock. Big guitar sound, keyboards go from lush to wierd industrial. Powerful but bouncy. Song subjects are strange and often amusing.
I think The Big Eye Am was their finest effort, and it still makes me grin. — Steve Ridley

Poisoned Electrick Head (also known amongst their fans as the Lecky ‘eads) was a psychedelic indie rock band formed in 1986. Their sound can be described as a combination of space rock and angular post-punk, with heavy, distorted guitars and analog synthesizers providing an idiosyncratic backing to the two lead vocalists’ unconventional scattergun delivery. An early review in the popular music magazine NME described them as sounding like “UK Subs playing early Genesis”.
They built up a fiercely devoted live following in their hometown and in other parts of the UK. They existed with the seven original members until 1998. The group was particularly distinctive as, onstage, band members would dress in boiler-suits and wear latex “death masks” and other bizarre stage costumes, whilst album sleeves were adorned with H. R. Giger-esque artwork courtesy of guitarist ZaPeep. Both of these artistic gimmicks were jettisoned circa 1997, as it was believed that these elements provided a barrier between the band and better things.
They played numerous tours, concerts, festivals and underground gatherings throughout the 80s and 90s, including Stonehenge Free Festival, Glastonbury Festival and the legendary Castlemorton Common Festival of 1992. Poisoned Electrick Head also played with numerous bands of the time including; Hawkwind, Cardiacs, Gong, Senser, Back to the Planet and Arthur Brown. By 1998 they had over 800 gigs to their credit.

Associated acts:
Hawkwind, Cardiacs, Gong, Senser, Back to the Planet, Arthur Brown

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