POISON: Look What The Cat Dragged In (1986 M.F.N rare TAPE cassette). Top Glam Sleaze. Check videos! Cry Tough, Talk Dirty To Me, I Want Action, I Won’t Forget You


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LA arrivistes and cocksure self-starters with a Trash aesthetic that made Aerosmith look like men who’d found their stage gear in a dumpster, Poison were a band in a hurry to have their say – a say that would quickly come to define those early, heady months of hair heaven. And as ludicrous as Poison were – that was sort of the point, after all – here was the band that already occupied the beckoning future. Look What The Cat Dragged In, self-imagined, self-penned, self-regarding and sounding every inch as though it was recorded for around $20,000, which it was, became a lodestone. Its now-classic cover was hilarious, ridiculous and ever so slightly arousing, while its songs – I Want Action, Talk Dirty To Me –were evidence of gloriously one-track minds, more disposable than a used diaper and once heard, impossible to dislodge.



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Poison was the ultimate party band of the ’80s; they seized on the trappings of pop metal, and played them to the hilt. While their music was never exactly original, it was fun, and it still is. Look What the Cat Dragged In is arguably their most entertaining album, because it was recorded before they tried to infuse their music with “”serious”” themes that ultimately dragged down their later recordings. The best songs on this album are the unabashed party anthems, including “”I Want Action”” and “”Talk Dirty to Me””. “”Let Me Go to the Show”” is pure tongue-in-cheek, its adolescent viewpoint and fervor showing just how well Poison knew their target audience. A guilty pleasure if ever there was one.

Look What the Cat Dragged In = Studio album by Poison
Released:2 August 1986
Recorded: March 1986 at Music Grinder Studios in Los Angeles, California
Genre: Glam metal

Look What the Cat Dragged In is the debut studio album by American glam metal band Poison, released in 1986 through the Enigma label of Capitol Records.
Though not a success at first, the album steadily built momentum and peaked at #3 on The Billboard 200 on 23 May 1987. The album spawned four singles, three of them charting successfully: “”Talk Dirty to Me””, “”I Want Action””, “”I Won’t Forget You””, and “”Cry Tough””. The album is a prime example of the glam metal genre both musically and image-wise. The album ultimately has sold 4 million copies worldwide, one of their best-selling albums.
The album was certified Gold in 1987 and 3x Multi-Platinum by the RIAA in 1990. The album has been certified by BPI silver and by CAN platinum.

Label: Music For Nations
Format: tape Album
Country: UK
Released: 1986
Glam, Heavy Metal

Described by Revolver Magazine as “”oversexed, under-thought, and relentlessly fun””, the album style is often described as “”glam metal”” and was strongly influenced by East-Coast bands such as KISS and Aerosmith. It is a sound dominated by distorted power chords and catchy melodies. Reflecting a period before the band music began to take on the influence of Californian, Van Halen styled stadium rock, the album is characterized by more traditional heavy metal sounds.

Production and marketing:
The record was described by vocalist Bret Michaels as a “”glorified demo””. It was recorded at Music Grinder Studios in Los Angeles, California with producer Ric Browde in twelve days, for a cost of US $23,000, part of which was funded from the pockets of the band members and their families.
The front cover of the album featured the members of Poison at their most “”glam””, with each sporting excessive make-up, thick girlish hair, and the pouting “”kiss”” pose which was to become a Poison trademark. The cover is often compared to Mötley Crüe Shout at the Devil because of the similar album cover, but it also may or may not have represented a loose parody of the cover of The Beatles’ Let It Be, or perhaps more likely, Van Halen debut album.

Themes and tracks:
The albumâs themes are ambition (“”Cry Tough””), lust (“”I Want Action””, “”Talk Dirty to Me””, “”Want Some, Need Some””), sexual frustration (“”Blame It on You””), love lost (“”I Won’t Forget You””) and most importantly, anti-social behavior (“”No. 1 Bad Boy””, “”Look What the Cat Dragged In””, “”Let Me Go to the Show”” and “”Play Dirty””). “”Talk Dirty to Me”” was written by guitarist C. C. DeVille prior to his joining the band. DeVille played it to Bret Michaels, Rikki Rockett and Bobby Dall during his audition for the role as the band guitarist. “”Talk Dirty to Me”” has been covered by several bands, including Children of Bodom and Reel Big Fish. It is also included as a playable cover track in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, with Michaels re-recording the vocals.

All songs written by Bret Michaels, C.C. DeVille, Bobby Dall and Rikki Rockett
“”Cry Tough”” – 3:35
“”I Want Action”” – 3:04
“”I Won’t Forget You”” – 3:34
“”Play Dirty”” – 4:06
“”Look What the Cat Dragged In”” – 3:11
“”Talk Dirty to Me”” – 3:43
“”Want Some, Need Some”” – 3:38
“”Blame It on You”” – 2:31
“”#1 Bad Boy”” – 3:14
“”Let Me Go to the Show”” – 2:45

Cry Tough / Look What The Cat Dragged In – 5 August 1986 – (#97 UK Singles chart)
Talk Dirty To Me / Want Some Need Some – 18 February 1987 (#9 Billboard Hot 100)
I Want Action / #1 Bad Boy – 20 May 1987 -(#50 Billboard Hot 100)
I Won’t Forget You / Blame It On You – 5 August 1987 – (#13 Billboard Hot 100)

Bret Michaels – lead vocals
C.C. DeVille – lead guitar
Bobby Dall – bass
Rikki Rockett – drums

Poison – From The Gutter to Glam Rock Superstars

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