PLATITUDE: Nine PROMO CD. Symphonic neo-classical metal w. catchy power metal choruses + progressive touches. Check full audio


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Progressive metal band Platitude return with their second effort on Italy’s Scarlet Records. Produced by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids). Nine is a combo of symphonic neo-classical metal w. catchy power metal choruses + touches of progressive thrown in for good measure.

1. Dark Mind 03:25
2. Trust 03:05
3. Oblivion 03:13
4. Halcyon Days 04:45
5. Catch 22 03:42
6. Avalon Farewell 06:07
7. Skies of Xenon 03:51
8. Falling 06:10
9. Aeronautica 03:37
10. Endless 03:45
11. Starlight 07:58


An album that blew me away at first spin!
Well, its probably I have more power metal blood that makes me feel okay and in fact blew away when the first time I spun this album by Platitude couple of weeks ago. Nothing is new, actually, but the music is really good. You might find this kind of music with bands like Stratovarious, Sonata Arctica, Helloween, Rhapsody and many more in power metals or progressive metal scene. So, style-wise this is not something new and you might have been bored with widespread bands on this music style. But again, the music is so energetic and most of the songs have great melody. The opening track “Deception” (5:40) is very melodic and it has excellent music harmonies throughout the song which flows in fast tempo. It continues with faster tempo track “Just one try” (3:23) which these two songs also have stunning keyboard solo despite speed fast bass pedal drum. Guitar also provides great riffs, rhythm section as well as catchy solo. In fact, I really love the guitar solo that concludes track 2: its so simple but it rocks!

“Dance thru the fire” (4:16) starts with fast speed guitar work in the vein of Yngwie Malmsteen followed inventively by keyboard punch which reminds me to the music of Stratovarious, even though they are different. Again, vocal line is very powerful and melodic with a high speed tempo of the music. Keyboard and guitar provide good intertwining roles in their solo. Having heard three songs with high power, the fourth track “Memories” (4:35) is a ballad sweet song in slow rock style. “Anima” (3:25) brings the music back into a high energy song with inventive keyboard at intro part. This song has great keyboard maneuver in some transition segments and they make the music interesting. The guitar solo, even though not that long, during the interlude part is stunning.

“Last sunset” (3:32) starts off with excellent keyboard solo followed with guitar riffs and music in fast tempo speed. This song has an attractive groove and rhythm section even though there is nothing new, musically. “Raining tears” (5:22) starts with drum beats and bass which bring the music into quite long instrumental opening. A good track with different style from other tracks. The guitar riffs remind me to Dream Theater. The title track “Secrets of life” (4:07) starts with dynamic drum work followed with fast tempo music and melodic vocal harmonies. “Illusions” (4:43) kicks off with rough guitar riffs. The album ends with “Evil sky” (5:46) excellently. Unless other tracks, this concluding track opens with vibraphone work and long sustain keyboard work followed by high energy music.

Overall, this is a good delivery of power metal music which has excellent melody in each nine high energy tracks plus one ballad song. All songs are excellent in terms of composition and music harmonies. I though that this album would tend to bore me, but in fact the more I spin it, the more I like it. I highly recommend this album to those of you who like power metal music with band such as Stratovarious, Helloween, Sonata Arctica, Royal Hunt. Keep on proggin’!

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