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Pet umbrella – Actual reality

Band: Pet umbrella
Title: Actual reality
Number of songs: 5
Year: 2003

Pet Umbrella
(c) & (a) PU Productions PU0462628
1. Ν.Ι  Check audio (edit)

2. Thoughts of a perfect man
3. Possessions Check audio (edit)

4. Common sense
5. All the way down

This quintet from Tingsryd, Kronoberg County, Sweden plays progressive rock of old school. A qualified guess is that both Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Gentle Giant are in the record collection. With a girl on vocals, thoughts are sometimes led away to Kaipa’s latest work, which is a warm praise “in my book”. It is well played, neat and does not fall into overplay just because in true prog tradition a bit of clever beat turns here and there. In other words, it seems quite clear which target group Pet Umbrella is targeting, and I do not think that they will disappoint anyone. For my part, they are happy to fill the void after the disembodied warm-land sprogs World of Silence, which I remember with sadness and sorrow. Recommended.

Note that they have 2 of their songs included in the “Raisin’ Hell In Blekinge” 2003 Compilation NLP Records
Pet Umbrella: Possessions
Pet Umbrella: Common Sense

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