PESSIMIST: Slaughtering the Faithful CD promo RARE 1st press, 2002. Evil Death Metal Black Metal. Fast, brutal and technical.


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American Death Metal band formed in 1993.
Label: Lost Disciple Records ‎
Format: CD, Album, Promo
Country: US
Released: 2002
Genre: Death Metal
1 Requiem 0:29
2 Baptized In Blasphemy 4:42
3 Summoned To Suffer 3:02
4 Embodiment Of Impurity 4:47
5 Slaughtering The Faithful 4:56
6 Infernal Abyss 3:51
7 Metempsychosis 4:15
8 Resurrected Torment 5:50
9 Stripped Of Immortality 3:45

Arranged By – Pessimist
Bass, Vocals – Ralph Runyan
Guitar – Bill Hayden, Kelly McLauchlin
Drums – John Grden
Recorded and mixed Tampa, FL July-September 2001 A.D.

Death Metal fans will enjoy – 95%
Everyone has death metal bands they love. It may be Incantation, or Suffocation, or Nile, or Cryptopsy that get constant rotation in their CD players. But what if you’re looking for something new?
Pessimist – Slaughtering the Faithful is the answer.

Basically what you have here is a group of 4 talented musician

s. Sure, what Pessimist is doing is not original, but does that make it not enjoyable or talented? NO, it doesn’t. The drumming on this album is thrashy, typical double-bass, a lot of blasts that aren’t overused, and the drums are thankfully NOT triggered. They sound very raw (but that may just be the sound of the triggers? I don’t think he’s going so fast that he would need triggers though). The bass is pretty much lost in the mix (how surprising for a death metal release huh?haha), but every once and awhile you will be treated with a short 5-10 second bass solo, which is a nice touch. The bassist also does vocals, which are compromised of very low growls (no high’s here, to my disappointment).

Now the guitars on this album simply rule. One time I sat down at 11 at night and listened to just the guitars on this cd the whole way through. The riffs are insanely fast, with fast thrash solos, fast melodies, and a lot of fast fastness. Speed and brutality, nothing you haven’t heard before, but it is done right!

Tired of listening to the same Vader albums over and over? Buy this CD. It’s not special, it’s not ground-breaking, but it’s damn enjoyable to listen to.

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