PATHOLOGY STENCH: Gluttony CD. True Death Metal. Check all songs, whole album


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This band slays. If you are a true death metal freak than this is the right stuff for you. Killer production. Clear, guttural vocals, dual vocals at times, blasting beats, killer riffs…etc. The title song “Gluttony” is fuckin insane. If you fear that this band might suck just cause of the strange, CARCASS-esque name,than you are wrong. Get this disc!! After the release of this album they went out on tour with Vader.

Pathology Stench   Gluttony
Label: Immortal Souls Productions   ISP 009
Format: CD, Album
Country: Slovakia
Released: Jul 1997
Genre: Death Metal

Catalog # Immortal Souls Productions ISP 009

1. Chained by Freedom 04:07
2. The Lost World 05:47
3. New Time of Apocalypse 03:56
4. No Interest 02:32
5. I Believe Indians 03:03
6. Sexual Massacre of Childhood 04:29
7. My Painful Paradise 03:35
8. Gluttony 03:40
9. Without a Stain 02:41
10. You Are Murdered by Your Hypocrisy 03:21
11. Practical Brutality 03:13

Bass Marek “Kuèo” Kuèera
Drums Vlado losiarik
Guitar Lumír Práskal
Vocals Braòo “Báro” Baranèík

Recorded in April 1997.

Pathology Stench – New Time of Apocalypse:

Pathology Stench – Sexual Massacre of Childhood:

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