Pat BENATAR Live from Earth [Promo LP 1983] Do check the exclusive video showing this LP for sale to determine its condition. CHECK audio, VIDEOS + Check video commentary “We Live for Love”, “Hell Is for Children”, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, “Heartbreaker”, “Love Is a Battlefield”


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Check the exclusive video showing this LP for sale

Check the exclusive video showing this LP for sale

Live from Earth is the first live album from Pat Benatar and was released in 1983. It also contains two studio tracks, “”Love Is a Battlefield”” and “”Lipstick Lies””, and these were produced by Neil Giraldo and Peter Coleman. The album peaked at #13 on Billboard Top 200 albums chart and sold more than a million copies

“”Fire and Ice”” – 3:46 (Benatar, Tom Kelly, Scott St. Clair Sheets)
“”Lookin’ for a Stranger”” – 3:28 (Franne Golde, Peter McIan)
“”I Want Out”” – 4:05 (Giraldo, Billy Steinberg)
“”We Live for Love“” – 3:39 (Giraldo)

“”Hell Is for Children“” – 6:06 (Benatar, Roger Capps, Giraldo)

“”Hit Me With Your Best Shot“” – 3:07 (Eddie Schwartz)

“”Promises in the Dark”” – 5:14 (Benatar, Giraldo)
“”Heartbreaker“” – 4:21 (Geoff Gill, Clint Wade)

“”Love Is a Battlefield“” – 5:25 (Mike Chapman, Holly Knight)

“”Lipstick Lies”” – 3:51 (Giraldo, Myron Grombacher)

Pat Benatar – Vocals
Neil Giraldo – Guitar
Charles Giordano – Keyboards
Roger Capps – Bass guitar
Myron Grombacher – Drums

Chart Positions: NEW ZEALAND: 12, SWEDEN: 45, UK: 60, USA: 13

Pat’s first live outing, which peaked at no.13 in the USA. The live record became a million seller, and that might have to do with one of the two studio tracks, Love Is A Battlefield. The single became an international hit, and made the American rock singer win her fourth Grammy Award in a row. The live tracks on the album were recorded during Benatar’s Get Nervous tour in (late) 1982/(early) 1983 across America and Europe when she was pretty much at the peak of her career.
The catchy Love Is A Battlefield is (along with We Belong, released a year later) Pat Benatar’s biggest hit in the States. It also topped the charts in countries such as Holland and Australia. Written by hit machines Holly Knight (she co-wrote hits for Aerosmith and Rod Stewart to name but a few) and Mike Chapman (he co-wrote hits for the Sweet and Suzi Quatro amongst others), the song originally was a ballad but guitarist/producer (and Benatar’s husband) Neil Giraldo decided to turn it into an uptempo song. Not a bad decision as it went on to sell a million copies. Also included on the album is a live version of her first Top 10 hit, Hit Me With Your Best Shot. The studio version, from her second album Crimes Of Passion, became a million seller in 1980.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot” Arguably the song that Pat is most associated with. Pat once famously quipped “most chick singers say if you hurt me, I’ll die… I say, if you hurt me, I’ll kick your ass.” Check commentary:

Hell is For Children” A choice cut from the blockbuster 1980 LP Crimes of Passion. “Hell is For Children” is not just a cool album track…it is a Benatar/ Giraldo rock manifesto. Check commentary:

My first real taste of Pat Benatar was this 1980 hit ‘We live for love’. I loved the combination of an operatic voice and rock and roll. That was exciting enough! I had not got on board with ‘Heartbreaker’ the breakthrough hit the previous year, but the 3rd single’ the aformentioned rock classic made me sit up and take notice. The song had almost the same chart peak in both America and Australia: #27 and #28 respectively; but it shines brightly for me as a postcard from 1980. The rest of the 1980’s were ruled by women; especially rock chicks like Benatar, Tina Turner and eventually Melissa Etheridge. Pat is responsible for some of the most memorable rock anthems of the era. ‘Hit me with your best shot’, ‘Love is a battlefield’ and ‘We belong’ among her best known.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – this is Pat’s finest song in my opinion. The riff and the lean, stripped down production grab you straight away, then Pat’s strong sensitive vocal comes in, perfectly expressing the song’s bitter sweet sentiment. The feel of the song has a slightly metallic ‘punk’ edge to it, with a crunchy, tight guitar sound that’s immediate and striking. The lyrics too, are somewhat reflective, yet also capture the fleeting nature of romance in a succinct and mature way. ‘Is there a place where we can go, where time stands still for those who know?’ is my favourite line in a song that goes deeper lyrically than most of the usual pop fluff other singers put out. I remember buying the extended version on vinyl when it came out, then going home and playing it non-stop a dozen times. I still love this decades later – sounding like nothing else, this is a small and original piece of pop greatness.

(Below) Pat Benatar sings Heartbreaker

(Below) Pat Benatar sings Heartbreaker   at AB in March of 1980

We Belong”: The lead single for Top 40 radio play from Tropico in ’84. On any other day this would be my #1. Now WE all know that Pat can belt out a vocal that goes far beyond her petite frame, that’s a fact, but “We Belong” demonstrates her sweet versatility. On this song it’s like she’s going back to her young roots when she used to captivate audiences by singing a Judy Garland number. Her vocals here are absolutely transfixing. Pat sings “We Belong,” a tale about a woman trying to rise above petty differences to save a relationship, with the perfect blend of sensitivity and emphasis. Myron performed on 9 Benatar albums.And, like Neil Giraldo, was a recruit from the Rick Derringer band. “We Belong” was one of Pat Benatar’s biggest hits: #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 #3 Mainstream Rock #8 on Canada #7 in Australia & New Zealand and it’s no surprise. IT’s such a feel good song. It’s one of those classic 80s songs that will live on forever because it defines the era it came from. It’s a perfect song. Check commentary:


Love is a Battlefield” This song represents everything we love about Pat Benatar. Her ability to communicate to her audience with that towering voice, inspiring strength and empowerment, for all types of human beings. “Love is a Battlefield” was not written by Pat, or Neil, but they took a Holly Knight/ Mike Chapman collaboration, originally intended to be a touching ballad, and turned it into a rebellious battle cry. Check commentary:

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