PANCHRYSIA: In Obscure Depths CD 2002 with press release promo. Belgian Black Metal. Antwerp Belgium. Check audio. Free for CD and LP orders of £20+


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1. Origin of Existence – Creation of a Mortal Spirit 05:13
2. Spiritual Gain – Bloom Up to the Sun 05:35
3. The Watcher – A Superior Walk 03:33
4. Ruins 05:47
5. The Winter Chill 06:38
6. De Profundis Clamavi 03:28
7. Farewell – A Death’s Tale 02:45
8. Darkened Souls – The Search Will Cease 04:43
9. Untitled Hidden Track 04:32

There’s a hidden track at the end of the cd, clocking in at 04:33.

Listen to audio, below, each song:

Ruins 05:47

In Obscure Depths – 85%

Following to their much anticipated “Exaltation”  the band had to let two members go because of the eternal differences in musical expectations. With a new singer and a guitarist Panchrysia could grow to their full potential and new musical direction. Their new direction is modern black metal in style of Zyklon, Immortal and Dissection and this they execute in a very good way. The sound is clean, raw and brutal but less heavy than on their previous recording (though this isn’t necessarily a negative point). Lyric wise they go past the standard “Satan-evil-death-woods” subjects and the songs are interrelated without having to speak about a true concept-album. Their look is no-nonsense and natural, which bring the us to the recent Emperor image. All in all, a good combination of strong selling points – though I hope for the guys they don’t drown in the mass of black metal releases of modern times, that would be a pity for a high quality band like this.

Heist Op Den Berg, Belgium

Panchrysia has been marching on these hellish playgrounds since the winter of 1998. They’ve recorded for labels as LSP Company, Soulreaper Records and Dark Essence Records resulting in 3 excellent albums.

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