PA system LD152 for sale+ free PA YAMAHA MS400 + 3 free stands. Brixton, London. Message (email) to make arrangements


If you can’t collect from Brixton (Tulse Hill), London SW2, Zone 2 , a courier collection can be arranged. However, we prefer that YOU find and pay the courier, so that there are no arguments on the choice of the courier and / or the price. Let’s keep it simple. (However if you are not too bothered to look around for couriers try  “The Cheapest Parcel Delivery in the UK”. Try them first. A few clients used them already and say that they are dead cheap super fast and that the very heavy items that they have ordered arrived without any problems and in perfect condition).

Message (email) to make arrangements  

Postage:   Free collection in person  + Courier collection possible. (E-mail us. Currently the price of this item is left blank on purpose, so that the delivery method can be arranged before you pay for the item )   

Item location: London (Brixton), United Kingdom

Delivery: Varies  (E-mail to make arrangements)   

Returns: No returns accepted, once you buy it the item stays with you.

Condition Description:  These items have been inspected and are in very good fully working condition. YOU ARE WELCOME TO TEST AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF. [They all have scratches because they have been used in live performances, but I guess you buy them for the sound not to look pretty].

PA cabinet speaker set of two:

LD 152a (LD Systems)    450 W  X2

15” professional woofer (diameter),

44 mm titanium compression driver,

LP: 12db / oct x’ over + heat sink,

HP: 18db / oct x’ over + Mos protection,

Speakon connector X2,

Net weight: 25.5 kilos each (without additional packaging) / 56 lbs,

Measurements: (45.0X26.0) x35.5×68.5cm (17.7/10.2)x14.4x27inch

Back of each speaker info:

Low frequency transducer:

Diameter 15”

Sensitivity 102 db/m/w

Impendence 4 ohms

Power handling: 200watts

Magnet 190×20 mm


High frequency transducer:

Sensitivity 106 db/m/w

Impendence 8 ohms

Power handling: 80watts

Magnet 90×15 mm


(for free £0) YAMAHA MS400 when you buy the LD 152a speaker set of two. Use it as an extra vocal P.A or as a monitor for the drummer (or any other of your musicians in your band). Fully working of course and has an amazing quality sound. The woofer was changed is brand new and an American super quality product (Delta).



Not only you get the YAMAHA MS400 for free, you also get 3 Speaker Stands (for free £0) so that you can keep your vocal P.A high up, not on the ground during your performances!! (Let me know if you need to see pictures of the three stands)


Description of the YAMAHA MS400  400 Watt Powered Loudspeaker System:

The MS400 is a 2-way speaker system that delivers high-quality, high-powered sound in a lightweight, easy to carry and setup unit. Each unit is equipped with an internal bi-amplified power system that delivers a total of 400 watts (LF/300W, HF/100W) to the 15″ low and 2″ high frequency drivers. Each unit is also equipped with an easy to use but effective built-in mixer that supplies independent Mic and Line inputs. A variety of setups are possible since the MS400 is flyable, stackable and pole mountable. It can even be used as a floor monitor when laid on its side.

2-way, Bi-amplified Speakers

The internal bi-amplified system utilizes Yamaha’s EEEngine technology to deliver high quality audio performance more efficiently than conventional power amplifiers. A 300-watt low-frequency power amplifier powers the 15″ driver equipped with a neodymium magnet for efficient output and reduced weight. The 2″ titanium diaphragm compression driver is driven with a 100-watt high frequency power amplifier.

Input /Output

The MS400 features independent MIC, LINE inputs with a separate gain control on each of the inputs. A 2-band EQ (Low, High) provides basic but effective tone control while a Master Volume controls the overall output. Jacks consists of a balanced XLR jack for MIC input with both a balanced XLR and Phone connector supplied for LINE input. The LINE input signal can be sent to other speakers via the Parallel output jack which allows the daisy chaining of multiple speakers. A headphones jack is also supplied for monitoring.

Other Features

These speakers are easy to carry, transport and setup.

Versatile Setting
The MS400 is flyable, stackable and pole mount-able. Lay them on their side and they make excellent floor monitors as well.

Great Sound
With our experience in designing the popular Club Series Speaker systems the MS400 Speakers are designed to sound great.

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