OZRIC TENTACLES: Spirals in Hyperspace PROMO CD. Space Rock, Ambient, Psychedelic rock. Brand X, Pink Floyd. Check audio: the whole album


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Spirals in Hyperspace = Studio album by Ozric Tentacles
Released: 2004
Genre: Psychedelic rock, Space rock
Length 69:36
Label Magna Carta

Spirals in Hyperspace is an album by British band Ozric Tentacles. It was released in 2004 on Magna Carta Records.

Track listing:
“Chewier” 5:26
“Spirals in Hyperspace” 9:51
“Slinky” 8:39
“Toka Tola” 7:46
“Plasmoid” 5:17
“Oakum” 9:03
“Akasha” 7:27
“Psychic Chasm” 8:44
“Zoemetra” 7:23

Check the whole album (audio):

The band:
Ed Wynne guitar, keyboards, mind colours, & programming on all tracks
Schoo – drums on Chewier, Oakum, & Zoemetra
Seaweed – synths & bubbles on Oakum & kindling on Cheweir
John Egan – ney, blul, duduk & silver flute on Oakum & Zoemetra
Zia Geelani – bass on Oakum
Merv Pepler – drum programming & samps’nstuff on Psychic Chasm
Brandi Wynne glide bass on Chewier, spikes on Plasmoid & tea on Psychic Chasm
Steve Hillage & Miquette Giraudi – guitar & additional synths on Akasha

5.0 out of 5 stars Spirals in Hyperspace,
Last 3 cuts – I hear John Goodsall/Brand X, Mahavishnu, Gongs best instrumental sections, David Torns “Tripping Over God”, a more interesting Jan Hammer that doesn’t revolve around such a shallow axis, a bit of Soft Machine Vol. 2s tightness and some interesting Ethno influence. These 3 cuts are so good that they make my eyes water and this is the best music I’ve heard since buying System 7s Water CD late last year (I’m a bit late to the party). Parts of this CD are a cosmic “dance of Shiva” (Hindu) and are beyond words and I think that perhaps this group could fill the void that John Goodsalls absence has left in me.
I ordered the new Ozric after receiving this one last week; but, I’ll take these one at a time because of the letdown of buying a bunch of System 7s after the Water CD.
To date, I have not heard a better utilization of synths, software, and programming with other instruments that lends itself so well to the bizarre and beautiful in such an interesting manner; the mastery of which, is pure genius. Its nice to know that with cut 7, Akasha, Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy can still come up with outstanding input beyond the commercial realm. You can’t put a price on this CD. Buy it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Sent into hyperspace,
Take 2 parts Steve Hillage, 1 part Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream), and part Chick Corea style jazz, and what do you get?
Ed Wynn and Ozric Tentacles. If you like etheral or spacey progressive instrumental rock this group is for you. Plainly stated listening to Ozric Tentacles is like spiralling through hyperspace!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Its about time!,
Its been the fall of 2000 since the Ozrics gave as any brand new studio albums. I am referring to The Hidden Step, dating back to an era where Rad and Zia were still in the band. Of course between the time of The Hidden Step and Spirals in Hyperspace, they did tie us over with live material, an EP entitled Pyramidion (with the title track being a brand new studio cut) and the double CD set Live at the Pongmasters Ball (which was also available on DVD). Now they gave us Spirals in Hyperspace (originally to be entitled Toka Tola, but changed to the current title once Magna Carta decided to be the label to release the album). This CD is actually more of an Ed solo album than an Ozric album, as other Ozric members (Schoo, Seaweed, John, etc.) only make the occasional appearance here. Here its mostly just Ed on guitar, synthesizers and drum machines, but don’t let that scare you off, as you’ll discover how much of the Ozric sound came from him, particularly in such wonderful cuts as the title track, “Slinky” and “Toka Tola”. “Psychic Chasm” is a bizarre percussion-dominated experiment with Merv as guest here, which is nice to see him appear on an Ozric album once again, after all, Arborescence was the last Ozric album to feature him. Of course Eat Static was the reason for Mervs depature from the Ozrics back in ’94 since it took so much of his time. “Akasha” is another one of these techno experiments the band is known for, with space rock pioneers Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy as guests! “Oakum” is actually a 2001 recording, originally released as a fan club-issued CD back then. Many of you know the live version from the Pongmasters Ball CD/DVD, this studio original is arranged a bit different, for example the synth solos aren’t as so dominant, but many of the same themes are intact. Unsurprisingly, this piece featured Ed, Zia, John, Seaweed, and School all participating. I am glad to see Ozrics return in a big way. Spirals in Hyperspace is truly another great album I can recommend to all Ozric fans.

5.0 out of 5 stars Spirals in hyperspace,
The title for the album couldn’t be better!
I’m listening (and loving) OT for about 4 or 5 years now and am proud to have seen them 4 times live and own the live DVD they have released.
This is a killer album if you are into progressive AND psychedelic rock!
ever since i got a hold of this album i played it.
Great compositions, great pshychedelica, great musicians!
if you are into psycho/ prog/ rock you should own it! (They are not playing for 20+ years after-all with a growing fan base behind them ;-))

5.0 out of 5 stars Intense,
I like this band very much. They seem to be a mixture of Brand X, Pink Floyd, and Tontos Expanding Headband.

5.0 out of 5 stars Jammin’ in Ozricspace!!!!!!!!,
Well they have done it again!
I thought this one might suffer a bit from member changes.
No such thing happening here.
Another superb output from the BEST space rock/electronic band of our lifetime!
Some great new sounds too. How does Ed stay so fresh?

5.0 out of 5 stars Ozrics Just simply are the best
I own every single album and have listened to them since 90′. Even though I haven’t heard the entirety of the new album yet, I know its a great one. The band has always amazed me, and the musicians that enter the group (as well as the old ones) are instantly up there with the best of them. (IMO) lol. They seem to be breaking new ground here with these songs. (some of them may be sitting around or in the closet and just been dusted off and added to, but there is a dynamic that keeps everything fresh. And from a band who has had crappy record labels and monetary hardships. I am happy and astonished at the perseverance to be able to see them forging ahead with their style and as a unit after all these years, and keep the Ozric ball rolling. By far these men have created a incredible musical home to share with the rest of the world and I hope it never goes away. Long Live the Ozric Ts!

5.0 out of 5 stars Once more a surly mind-blowing Album
Its hard to make a good album. Its even harder to stay on the same level as the one before. When I first heard an album of the Ozrics I had the experience, that often when you hear a great album it remains as the only one from the same band, but this one is so far the only one band you can buy any album and you can be sure it will be not only good. I never heard a band with such a drive. I hope that the Ozrics go for another 20 years. If a band deserves success then the answer is clear.

5.0 out of 5 stars OMG!,
The weird blokes from UK have done it again! Well worth the wait of several years from the previous studio album. Amazing aural landscapes, sinister grooves, happier groves (no, not a typo) and everything in between. 2 days since i got the cd, so the favourites are still changing, but sounds ever more interesting after each listen. Ed Wynne is a /ยค%”#%ng genius and a hell of a guitarist! This is no mere CD, but an aural eargasm!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Up the OZRICS! Looking fwd to the gigs in Europe beginning in a month.

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