OUTLIE: Companions to Devils and saints CD Good Riddance guitarist. US Punk Rock. CHECK whole album, all songs.


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All songs: https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lA7wa4Dhj8ivMuU3vixDAPenzNY9NqM6I&feature=gws_kp_artist

1. Anxieties Of The Vain And Unknowing
2. Dance Of Shiva
3. Forgotten Man
4. Whipping Boy
5. The Price Of Denial
6. Find My Way
7. Shine
8. Run With The Wolves
9. Kill The Messenger
10. Scapegoat
11. Soundproof

How do you follow up over ten years as the guitar player for one of California’s premier punk rock bands Good Riddance? You’ve sold a ton of records, toured the world and have influenced countless young bands but still feel like there is more to be had. You pick up and start from the ground floor once again. This is what Luke Pabich has done. Deciding it was time to make a musical and artistic statement that came directly from his heart, he penned a complete full-length album and began to build a band around his voice and vision. No compromises…hard driving…melodic…powerful. OUTLIE is the culmination of this vision. With a guitar driven sound that walks the line between modern punk and metal, melodies that haunt, and lyrics that call to your soul and sense of self-respect, their début release “Companions to Devils and Saints” will captivate and encompass the listener. Building a rhythm section that was up to the task of translating these songs seemed daunting. First to be recruited was bassist Jesse Darling, formerly of the Lonely Kings. After a year of collaboration, Luke and Jesse enlisted the drumming talent of Sean Sellers (Kidney Thieves, ex-Downset and Luke’s former band-mate in Good Riddance). With “Companions to Devils and Saints” in the can, the band went to their friend, A-list producer and mixer Ryan Greene (N.O.F.X.), and asked him to “sprinkle a little fairy dust on the bastard”. The results were far beyond expectations! OUTLIE is not considered a side project but a full time rock band that plans to build and grow in the years to come. Long time Good Riddance followers will automatically recognize the integrity and power they have associated with their favorite band for years, but must prepare themselves for a brand new sound. Raw emotion served on a platter of fierce and pummelling rock. OUTLIE performs music that actually respects the intelligence and differences of its supporters and listeners! “Companions to Devils and Saints” is a must have for those who seek to transcend the doldrums of much of today’s music!


Old punk rockers don’t retire gracefully  they just start the process all over again. Consider Luke Pabich, for example. For over ten years Pabich has been the guitarist in heavyweight outfit Good Riddance. Still feeling that he had something to give the musical world, Pabich wrote a complete full-length album and then built a band around that album. The result is Outlie, and whereas most projects like this are one-offs, this is a full time band. ‘Comparisons To Devils and Saints’ is Outlie‘s debut release, an album that has been produced by the very able Ryan Greene.

Companions To Devils and Saints’ impresses from the start. This is a driving, powerful album that blends a variety of styles and is only enhanced by Pabich’s brooding vocals. Pabich has managed to create a band that does his song writing justice  this is a band that switches from basic chord progressions to metal-styled solos with ease. This isn’t original stuff by any means, but it is executed brilliantly.

Anxieties Of The Vain And Unknowing’ kicks off the album with a strong indication of the sound that makes this band who they are. It is a forceful slab of punk rock that has the rhythm section in fine form, coupled with some very strong lyrics.  Dance Of Shiva’ keeps the tempo up and proves to be another god example of what Outlie are all about  powerful and infectious in equal measures. The band are also more than capable of slowing things down and beefing up their sound.  The Prince Of Denial’ showcases this well   with a chorus that could be a toned down Machine Head.  Find My Way’, by comparison, sees the band mixing metal and punk to great effect. Run With The Wolves’ deserves special mention for managing to evoke images of Iron Maiden inside my head and the slower-paced driving punk rock of Soundproof’ wraps things up well.

I have to admit Outlie kind of crept up on me. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from an album penned by a guitarist from Good Riddance. However, as it turns out  Companions To Devils and Saints’ is a very polished and enjoyable album  Pabich has proven himself to be a very accomplished song writer. There is much to enjoy on this and thus Outlie come strongly recommended.

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