ORKEST: s/t 2001 EP CD Nu Metal. Check samples. Highly recommended.


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Experimental Nu Metal
1. Disembler
2. Placebo Effect
3. Imbue
4. Revivisense

Ever get the feeling youâre in the presence of something special? 1 listen to Orkest will convince you of it.

What we have here is a collection of exquisite melodies coupled with some crunching guitars and pounding metal. It sounds amazing frankly.

Also, catchy is not the word! I have lost count of the times I have caught myself humming or even worse, singing, one or another of Orkestsâ songs. Very frightening!

Itâs very hard to pick a highlight for this disc. A couple for me are the foreign language (Spanish I think) chorus to Disembler and the dual vocal attack of imbue. To be honest though, the whole disc is a highlight.

Itâs pretty much impossible to convey in words how brilliant this is. My advice to you, get hold of a copy, play it very loud and revel in it. Fantastic!

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