OLEMUS: Bitter Tears CD melancholic metal Doom / death w. some Gothic elements. Check samples


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Sort of atmospheric and melodic heavy metal with harsh lead vocals but also melodic female back vocals, some small sections of piano / keyboards etc. I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did! OLEMUS plays the mid-paced style of melancholic metal. I myself would call it doom/death, of the ‘lite’ variety. Similar to Spain’s GOLGOTHA. No really long songs, but they’ve got the ‘depression’ part down. Robert Bogner’s vocals are even kind of like Golgotha’s singer’s vocals. Not quite a death growl, but really gruff and sad-sounding. I suppose some would label this Gothic doom and it does have some Gothic elements. There are always catchy melancholic melody lines and there are even some violins. They even have a radio-friendly song “”Forever Gone””. This has completely clean male vocals mixed with female vocals (which are also used elsewhere)


The music on this album is dynamic, switching between a slow to mid to fast tempo, all while maintaining a mournful sense. There are some interesting melodies, in that they are simplistic, but they still get done what they are supposed to and they work really well. The mood of each song also varies from almost poppy, countryish, whinish, to angry.
Anyway, there are some interesting female vocals and the male vocalist’s clean vocals are fine. They are “”pretty””(tee hee), low and clean, not too bad at all.
The leads in this are somewhat bluesy, which gives a classic sound.
There are also some good synth effects, and the piano at the beginning of “”Innocent and Wretched”” is a nice touch.
Good album. I recommend

Gothic/Doom Metal from Austria

1. Innocent & Wretched 04:59
2. Bitter Tears 04:29
3. Dreaming 04:37
4. Forever Gone 06:47
5. Scarred for Life 05:25
6. Scourge of Seclusion 04:39
7. Slave of Arrogance 06:33
8. Bastards 04:42
9. Ole-Mus 00:31
Running length
9 tracks
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