NWOBHM CDR Vol 6. Orion, Joker (1984) Tractor 81, Easy Street, Hell (1983) Energy, The Dick Smith band. 15 songs from extremely rare 7″ singles. Free for orders of £70+


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NWOBHM CDR Vol 6. 15 songs from extremely rare singles.
15 songs from extremely rare 7″ singles. Free for orders of £70+
Orion (1984)
Joker (1984)
Tractor 81 (1981)
Easy Street (19??)
Hell (1983)
Energy (1981)
The Dick Smith band (1979)




Location: Middlesex, England.

Line Up
Mike Ryde (v,g)
Al Risk (g)
Jay Ryde (b)
Pete Andrews (d)

Ken Tilley (g) – also in Wraith, Deuce, Esprit and Chainmail
Simon Ward (b) – also in Deuce

– As with so many other bands of the NWOBHM movement, Orion just left us this rather interesting proggy 7″ and nothing else. If there are any other recordings hidden somewhere out there we would love to give them a second life!

ORION - Insane In Another World


Insane In Another World

7″ Lost Moment Records (1984) LM 002

1. Insane In Another World
2. Storm

Orion – Insane In Another World [Single] (1984)
Artist: Orion
Release: Insane In Another World / Storm, Single 1984
Country: UK
1. Insane In Another World
2. Storm

Orion -Insane in Another World
Enjoyable melodic metal – 80%
Orion was one of those bands that only had one release back in the mid-80s. While Orion werent exactly the best songwriters in the world, their only release Insane In Another World is catchy and melodic, and shouldnt be dismissed. Given as how there are only two tracks, I suppose I could get away with a track-by-track description:

Insane In Another World starts off gently, then gets to a chorus that leans heavily to the melodic side. Then, the guitar plays some chords, creating a soothing feeling. If you were expecting something like Venom on this release, youre going to be surprised. The song isnt very heavy, but it is a good song nonetheless, and the soloing is the best part about Insane In Another World (the song and the single overall). The title track isnt a bad way to start, but Insane In Another World is soon overshadowed by the next track, Storm.

Storm opens with a catchy drum beat with distorted guitars playing a power chord fueled. Though the track may seem generic at first, about two minutes in, the guitarist lays down some guitar licks that have a tone very similar to Brian Mays of Queen, which is always a good thing to hear. As with the title track, the chorus is incredibly melodic, and the solos in the song are reminiscent of 80s metal. Comparing them to Ratt would not be inaccurate. Storm is the better of the two songs contained in this release.

To sum things up, Id say that Orions Insane in Another World is enjoyable, but only if you have a good ear for melodic metal. I cant say Id see fans of death or black metal listening to this. But if you have an open mind, give it a shot.

Highlights: Storm, Insane In Another World



Location: London

Line Up
Tony Ruhberg (v,b)
Mark White (g)
Bob Palfrey (d)

– Obscure band never released anything else apart from the 7″ below.

JOKER - Back On The Road


Back On The Road

7″ Lost Moment Records (1984) LM 018

1. Back On The Road
2. Pusher




Joker – Back On The Road [Single] (1984)
Artist: Joker
Release: Back On The Road / Pusher, Single 1984
Country: UK
1. Back on the Road
2. Pusher

One of those great one-shot NWOBHM bands. A biker-friendly power trio, their lone single “Back On The Road” was released in 1984 on the tiny Lost Moment label. And a crackling little biker anthem it is too. Although thoroughly obscure and barely remembered nowadays by most, it has been suggested that guitarist Mark White may be the same guy who played bass in fellow NWOBHM act ELIXIR.

Label:  Roach Records ‎– RR2
Format: Vinyl, 7″
Country: UK
Released: 1981
A Average Man’s Hero
B Big Big Boy

Tractor 81 (UK) – Average Mans Hero [Single] (1981)

Hard Rock / NWOBHM, highly recommended!

1. Average Mans Hero
2. Big Big Boys

 RochdaleLancashire, England,



Eazy Street

Location: Silsden [a town and civil parish in West Yorkshire, England, on the River Aire and Leeds and Liverpool Canal]

Line Up
Jon Keighley (v) – also in Heatslave
Mark Keighley (g) – also in Heatslave, Interstate and Tick Tick Boom!
Pete Rush (g)
Gordon Guest (b)
John Hargreaves (d)

– Finalists of the “Sony Rock and Pop Challenge 1985” national music competition in Bradford
– Eazy Street have been playing the pub and small club circuit in Yorkshire and elsewhere. They also did a tour of the US military bases in Germany
– Although they made some quality music and gained a significant local following, Eazy Street folded towards the end of the 1980s. Two bands formed out of this: Bon Rue and Little Earthquakes but not enough info as to who exactly played with whom and how these bands lasted (and how they sounded like)

Quest For Glory

7″ self-released (1984) EASY 001

1. Quest For Glory
2. Let ’em Rock

*Not known to have a  picture sleeve

Eazy Street  Quest For Glory
Label: Not On Label (Eazy Street Self-Released) EASY 001
Format: Vinyl, 7″, Single
Country: UK
Released: 1984

A Quest For Glory
B Let ‘Em Rock

Yorkshires little remember EAZY STREET unleashed a cracking 7″ single sometime in the early/mid-80s that takes some beating in terms of anonymity. no pic sleeve, no date, no writing credits, no studio details, just the bare minimum of band name and song titles…




Location: Nottingham

Line Up
David Bower (aka David Beckford) (v)
Andy Sneap (g) – also in Sabbat, Godsend and famous producer of several world-famous Metal bands
Kevin Bower (g) – also in Paralex and Sabbat
Tony Speakman (b) – also in Paralex and Rainbow Rising
Tim Bowler (d) – also in Overdrive and Paralex

Dave G. Halliday (v,g) – also in Race Against Time
Martin Walkyier (v) – also in Sabbat, Skyclad, The Clan Destined and Martin Walkyier’s Skyclad
Shaun Kelly (g)

– Formed in 1982 and for the next five years toured constantly also releasing one single and few demos. The split up came after the suicide of frontman Dave Halliday in early 1987
– It is well documented that Dave Halliday was the guitar teacher of Andy Sneap who was also a big fan of Hell.
– Reincarnated in 2008 enjoying a second life of touring!
– They couldn’t have been out of the excellent compilation “Britannia Infernus – A History Of British Occult And Black Metal” (2CD, Godreah Records, 2001) with their hymn ‘Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us’

HELL - Save Us from Those Who Would Save Us

Deadly Weapon Records

HELL - Save Us from Those Who Would Save Us (Phoenix)

Phoenix Records

Save Us from Those Who Would Save Us

7″ Deadly Weapon Records (1983) DWS 666
7″ Phoenix Records (2003) NWOBHM 7012

1. Save Us From Those Who Would Save Us
2. Deathsquad

*The original Deadly Weapon Records single was released without a picture sleeve
*The Phoenix Records edition is a bootleg pressed in red vinyl and limited to 250 hand-numbered copies


The NWOBHM was already in its decline, when HELL released this 7? in late 1983. The group was formed in 1982, with some sort of an all-star line-up consisting of former members of bands like Race Against time, Paralex, Overdrive and Tokyo Rose. The NWOBHM Encyclopedia tells us the band was very popular in the Midlands scene, though the bands occulstist imagery and the twisted music failed in attracting bigger labels like Neat or Ebony, so HELL would just go and selfproduce their only life-time 7?. Before this classic 7?, the band had a demo (Scheming Demons) which was so-so. It sure showed some promise but it was nowhere near the 7?.
This record has gained a true cult status in the 90s, but was already highly respected in the mid 80s among collectors. I remember Shades from London selling this in 1986 still!
Both songs on the single are kinda spooky, yet totally luxurious, lavish true art always produces this vast surplus of value. Whereas the NWOBHM seems to prefer Save us (remember that Groucho Marx quote?), Id go for Deathsquad. To the young ones, it must sound kinda unaccesible, I guess, because this very subtle kind of atmosphere has been washed away completely. Others might complain about the singing on the other track to me, this is just the way it has to be. The falsetto and the operatic tone of drama is what I love so much about this 7?. DEMON in their early days (before going kinda Pink Floydish on their The Plague LP which came out on DISCHARGEs label strangely) sometimes created a similiar atmosphere, though not as haunting as HELLs.
A Save us from those who would save us
B Deathsquad




Location: Corby  [in the county of Northamptonshire, England]

Line Up
Steve Fulton (v)
Iain Wetherall (g)
Mike Bosnic (b)
Mark Stewart (d)

Chris Page (d)

– Energy had a publishing deal with producer Nigel Gray, famous for producing the first three Police albums.
– They have played gigs in New York, Europe and in Dubai (!)
– Guitarist Iain Wetherall owns Premier Recording Studios in Corby
– Apparently, the band comes together and play reunion gigs once in a while


 E.P. II

7″ G.R.N. Records (1981) GRN 1

1. Conquer The World
2. Make It
3. Law Breaker

*Released without a picture sleeve

Energy – E.P.II [7″ EP] (1981)
Artist: Energy
Release: E.P.II, 7″ EP 1981
Country: UK
Market Value: $140
1. Conquer The World
2. Make It
3.Law Breaker


Dick Smith Band

Location: New Brighton [a seaside resort forming part of the town of Wallasey within the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral in Merseyside, England]

Line Up
Dave Barrett (v) – also in The Other Side
Paul Downes (g)
Paul Madden (g) – also in The Other Side
Steve Barrett (b) – also in The Other Side
Steve Swift (d) – also in Scharnhors

Paul Conway Stuart (d)

– Formed in 1978 as “Dick Smith and The Dole Q”. The name changed pretty quick to Dick Smith Band and by 1982 when the band folded they played nearly 1000 gigs mainly in the North West of England and Scotland
– On the band’s old website (which has been down since 2005) there was mention about another single called “Body Heat” which was released or just recorded in 1979. However, we couldn’t find any other resources to mention such a release or recording. The same goes with their demos. The following is information from their old website that gives only the title and the number of tracks. The exact year, the tracklistings or any other info is missing and wanted.

Demos recorded in between 1979 to 1982
“Shine” 4 tracks
“Changing Places” 4 tracks
“Motorway Madness” 4 tracks
“Moondolls” 8 tracks
“Photographs” 8 tracks
“Joey” 8 tracks

– Right after the split of Dick Smith Band, three of the original members formed The Other Side who also did a lot of gigs and lasted until 1989. More on The Other Side here

DICK SMITH BAND - Motorway Madness



Motorway Madness

7″ Smile Records (1979) SR 012

1. Motorway Madness
2. Body Heat



Dick Smith Band – Motorway Madness 7” – 1979
1.- Motorway Madness
2.- Body Heat

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