NWOBHM CDR Vol 4. Bashful Alley (1982) The next band, Dealer (1983) Predatur (1982) Mithrandir (1982) Charger (1984) Warrior (1984), 17 songs from extremely rare 7″ singles. Free for orders of £70+


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NWOBHM CDR Vol 2. 17 songs from extremely rare singles. Free for orders of £40+

17 songs from extremely rare singles. Free for orders of £40+
Bashful Alley (1982)
The next band (1978)
Dealer (1983)
Predatur (1982)
Mithrandir (1982)
Charger (1984)
Warrior (1984)



Location: Lichfield  [a cathedral city and civil parish in Staffordshire, England. Lichfield is situated roughly 16 miles north of Birmingham]

Line Up
Rob Tidd (v,g) – also in Dollface
Tony Jones (g)
Ian Threlfall (b)
Robin Baxter (d)

Dave Slamen (v) – also in Riff Raff
Ian Brown (d)

– Bashful Alley were formed at Lancaster University where they played several times in the early 1980s.
– Bashful Alley is actually a street in Lancaster
– Rod Tidd with his 1990s band Dollface supported Girlschool for a couple of times. He also worked as their roadie on occasion and played lead guitar on one of their demos.

Running Blind

7″ Ellie Jay (1982) BA001
7″ Graffiti Records (1982) BA 001
7″ Phoenix Records (2003) NWOBHM 7011

1. Running Blind
2. My, My, My

*The Ellie Jay pressing is limited to 500 copies with xeroxed cover. It was cut and glued by the band. Some covers have yellow and some white background color. The Graffiti Records pressing is limited to 1000 copies, has the same design and has been properly printed and glued.

Bashful Alley – Running Blind [7″ Single] (1982)
Artist: Bashful Alley
Release: Running Blind / My, My, My, Single 1982
Country: UK
Market Value: $65

1. Running Blind
2. My, My, My



The Next Band

Location: Grantham  [English town in the South Kesteven district of Lincolnshire]

Line Up
Rocky Newton (v,b) – also in Red Alert, Lionheart, Wildfire, Def Leppard, MSG and Midnight
John Lockton (g) – also in Red Alert, Wildfire, Wild Horses, Badlands, Victory and Rated X
Frank Noon (d) – also in Red Alert, Lionheart, Wildfire, Def Leppard, Roadhouse, Stampede, Waysted and Wild Horses

– Most known for being close to the guys from Def Leppard and for drummer Frank Noon who recorded on their debut vinyl “The Def Leppard E.P.” in 1978. Frank Noon was never officially a member of Def Leppard. He only joined to help out with the recordings.
– Changed their name to Red Alert and then to Wildfire before folding just at the beginning of the 1980s

THE NEXT BAND - Four By Three


Four By Three

7″ Gannet Records (1978) SRTS/78/CUS159

1. Never Win
2. Close Encounters
3. Red Alert
4. Too Many Losers


The Next Band – Four By Three [7″ EP] (1978)
Artist: The Next Band
Release: Four By Three, 7″ EP 1978
Country: UK
Market Value: $80

1. Never On A Win
2. Close Encounters
3. Red Alert
4. Too Many Losers




Location: Cirencester  a market town in Gloucestershire, England, 80 miles west of London. Cirencester lies on the River Churn, a tributary of the River Thames, and is the largest town in the Cotswolds.

Line Up
Trevor Short (v,g) – also in Vandamne and Axe Victims
Steve Peril (g)
Pete Gentil (b) – also in Vandamne
Rupert Irving (d)

Andy Dunne (g)
Steve Tarrant (g) – also in Axe Victims
Ashley John Limer (g) – also in Vandamne and Sack Trick
Malcolm Hanselman (d) – also in Axe Victims
Andy Jones (d)
Andy Powell (d)

– Evolved from Axe Victims. The name Dealer occurred when they lost the battle with Paul Di’Anno over the rights to the name ‘Lone Wolf’
– Very active on stage playing gigs across the country. Also supported Motorhead and Gary Moore
– For several years since 1988 and up until the mid 1990’s most members formed Vandamne. Vandamne played melodic Hard Rock  and released the album Nightcrimes (CD, Long Island Records, 1994)
– Dealer’s “Reunion Concert” in 2010 was sold out! Thus they decided to carry on for a few years more.

DEALER - Better Things To Do


Better Things To Do

7″ Windrush (1983) WR1030

1. Better Things To Do
2. Suspected Foul Play

*Pressed in 1000 copies



Dealer – Better Things to Do [Single] (1984)
Artist: Dealer
Release: Better Things To Do / Suspected Foul Play, 1984
Country: UK
Market Value: $120
1. Better Things to Do
2. Suspected Foul Play




Location: Reading

Line Up
Baz Barry (v,g) – also in Rain
Mick Hughes (g) – also in Shell Shock, Kap Gunz, Water Pistols, The Quotations, Anus and Rain
Pete Knight (b) – also in Burning Ambition, Strange Tales
Jack Capon (d)

Steve Coppuck (g)
John Benham (g) – also in Cargo and Dog Ouse
Roy Bell (g)
Steve Coppuck (b)
Karen Cooper (b) – also in The Unlikely Lads and The Hassle Free Honey’s
Glen Potter (b)
Sam Savin (d) – also in Out Of The Blue
Simon Baker (d) – also in Rain
Jim Roberts (d) – also in The Edge and Big Guns

– Formed as back as 1976 but actually kick started big towards the end of 1978
– Very much a live band, they have been playing in all sorts of small and bigger venues and during the early 1980s shared the stage with Y&T, Samson, Slade, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Girl, Praying Mantis and others.
– Predatur went through several line-up changes and short periods of inactivity. However, they were going strong up until 1995. For some time in the late 1990s they were known as ‘Rain‘ although this has to be considered as a complete different band altogether.
– Predatur reformed in 2002 and since then they released two albums in addition to giging all the time!

PREDATUR - Take A Walk


Take A Walk

7″ Quicksilver Record (1983) QUICK 5

1. Take A Walk
2. Seen You Here




Predatur – Take A Walk [Single] (1982)
Release: Seen You Here / Take A Walk, Single 1982
Country: UK
Market Value: $140
1. Take A Walk
2. Seen You Here



Location: Petersfield   [market town and civil parish in the East Hampshire district of Hampshire, England. It is 15 miles north of Portsmouth]

Line Up
Graham Gargiulo (v) – also in The Charlottes, Barefoot Contessa and Helene
Paul Chester (g) – also in Darkness At Noon
Dale Cox (b)
Keith Billson (d)

– From the obscure side of things came Mithrandir! One of the youngest bands during the era. They gave us two 7″ records both released in the same year. Music-wise it is a kinda beautiful, naive and amateurish blend of Metal with 1970s Hard Rock and Psychedelic influences


MITHRANDIR - Dreamers Of Fortune


Dreamers Of Fortune

7″ New Leaf Records (1982) SVC 570

1. Dreamers Of Fortune
2. After Tomorrow




Mithrandir – Dreamers Of Fortune [Single] (1982)
Artist: Mithrandir
Release: Dreamers Of Fortune / After Tomorrow, Single 1982
Country: UK
Market Value: $85
1. Dreamers Of Fortune
2. After Tomorrow




Location: Northallerton

Line Up
Colin Bell (v,b) – also in Mai Rouge
Steve Williams (g)
Steve Hall (d)

– Formed in 1984 under the name Wild Tiger. Gave just one gig with this name at York Trailers Social Club in July 1984. At the end of the gig Steve Hall replaced Andrew (Fez) Peacock on Drums and the name changed to Charger.
– Played numerous gigs and gained a considerable fan base
– The band also has at least one demo recording which was given to the press
– Their track ‘Rock’ appears on the compilation “The Metal Collection Volume I” (LP, Ebony Records, 1986)


7″ self-released (1984) BCSK 001

1. Desperadoes
2. Are You Out There

*Limited to 500 copies

Charger were latecomers to the NWOBHM scene, with their only release being a single that saw the light of day in 1986-1987 (earlier release dates reported by some people have been refuted; see Malc MacMillians ‘The NWOBHM Encyclopedia’). Both tracks are fantastic, high-energy numbers. ‘Desperadoes’ moves at a furious pace with absolutely blistering guitar work and is on par with the fastest NWOBHM songs (e.g., Jaguars ‘Axe Crazy’, Sweet Savages ‘Eye of the Storm’, etc). Songs like this one clearly demonstrate how speed and thrash metal grew out of the NWOBHM scene (of course, both genres had taken off well before this particular single was released). The b-side, ‘Are You Out There’, is also a high-octane headbanger, but it has a more anthemic vibe to it; its the kind of song the crowd is meant to sing along to with fists held high. Both songs feature a great vocal performance, the singer having a strong, ‘pure’ voice similar to bands like STAGEFRIGHT and HOLLOW GROUND. The production, while not stellar (it was a small-time recording after all), doesn’t hurt the music either.
The single is a rare and collectible item among NWOBHM fans, although its late release date seems to be something of a turn-off to some purists.



Rare New Wave of British Heavy Metal three song private press single from 1984.
Side A: 1. Breakout
Side B: 1. Dragon Slayer 2. Take Your Chance
Newcastle based band. Vocalist, Eddy Halliday & drummer Sean Taylor had left the band by this point, Taylor going on to play with a whos who of NWOBHM bands, including SATAN, PARIAH, BLIND FURY, RAVEN & BLITZKRIEG. With a new sticks-man and vocalist, Warrior returned to action with this, which would prove to be their final release, 1984s “Breakout” EP, which was again released on their own Warrior label. This proved to be the end of the road for Warrior, with the band splitting by the years end.
Warrior  W 002
Dave Dawson (G)
Tony Watson (G)
Martin Clerkin
Paul Irwin
Malcolm Dick

1 Breakout
2 Dragonslayer
3 Take Your Chance


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