NWOBHM CDR 3. Arc, Marz, Mendes Prey, Ore, Reincarnate, Renegade, Salem. 19 songs from extremely rare 7″ singles. Free for CD or LP orders of £80+


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19 songs from extremely rare singles. Free for orders of £40+

with: Arc, Marz, Mendes Prey, Ore, Reincarnate, Renegade, Salem



Location: Stourport

Line Up
Geoff Whitbread (v,d)
Mike Whitbread (g)
David Towers (b)

John Whitbread (v)
Phil Lynch (g)
Dennis Pascowek (g)
David Godsmark (b)
Martin Griffin (b)
Steve Potter (b)
Steve Slater (b)

– ARC split around 1982. In 1998, three of the original members: Geoff Whitbread, John Whitbread, Mike Whitbread and bassist David Towers reformed under the name Red Hunter. This line-up recorded in 2001 a CD with new original songs. They split in 2003 when John Whitbread left.
– ARC reformed again as a trio in 2007 with Geoff Whitbread on drums and vocals, Mike Whitbread on lead guitar and David Towers on bass


Tribute (To Mark Hailwood)

7″ Orcrist Records (1980) ORC 1

1. Tribute (To Mark Hailwood)
2. For My Next Kick

*no picture sleeve

War Of The Ring

7″ Slipped Disc (1980) 50001 / SD 001
7″ Phoenix Records (2003) NWOBHM 7011

1. War Of The Ring
2. Ice Cream Theme

*promo copies with gatefold cover and lyric sheet do exist.
*The Phoenix Records 7″ is a bootleg. Comes in blue vinyl and is limited to 250 hand-numbered copies




Location: Grantham

Line Up
Steve Farmer (v) – also in Overdrive and Vesuvius
Dave Lamond (g)
Mark Lindley (g)
Russ Clough (b)
Ian Padgett (d) – also in Overdrive and Utter Pendragon

– Formed by drummer Ian Padgett when he was out of Overdrive for some time

MARZ - Lady Of The Night


Lady Of The Night

7″ Frozen Owl (1980) SRR 0023

1. Lady Of The Night
2. On The Road To Freedom
3. Daydreamer

*Limited to 500 copies




Mendes Prey

Location: Pontefract [a historic market town in West Yorkshire, England]

Line Up
John Seymour (v)
Mark Sutcliffe (g) – also in Blue Blud, Trespass and Serle
Tony Boulton (b) – also in Vardis
Martin Brough (d)

Steve Holt (g)
Richard Emslie (g)

– Active from 1981 until 1986 when they called it quits and singer John Seymour moved to Australia
– Supported Diamond Head and played numerous gigs across the UK. Among other places Mendes Prey played the Marquee three times.
– The song ‘What The Hell’s Going On?’ used on a TV advertisement for Levi Jeans who also sponsored one of their UK tours
– Can be found on the following compilations:
Heavy Metal Heroes Volume II” (LP, Heavy Metal Records, 1982) with ‘What The Hell’s Going On?’
Parkside Steelwork” (LP, Lil Records, 1985) with ‘Red Alert’ and ‘Cry For The World’

Mendes Prey recorded 3 demos that had very limited circulation mainly to labels and journalists:
– “Red Alert”
– “Aylannah”
– unknown title with about 11 tracks on it.

the tracklisting below is from one of the first two – not sure which one

1. Take Me ‘cross The Water
2. Losing Man
3. The Sun Don’t Shine
4. Drifting
5. What The Hell’s Going On?

MENDES PRAY - One To The Borderline


On To The Borderline

7″ M.P. Records (1982) A.M.076

1. On To The Borderline
2. Runnin For You




Location: London

Line Up
Gordon McArthur (v)
Dean Howard (g) – also in Air Race, Black Alice, T’Pau, The Herbs and Ian Gillan
Dave Boyce (b) – also in Samson
Andy Elthick (d) – also in Moritz, Unorfadox and If Only

– Regular players in pubs and clubs in and around London. Shared the stage with bands such as Girl, Tytan, Angelwitch and Tank. They also opened for Marillion.
– Frontman Gordon McArthur has been one of the finest performers and singers of the time being extraordinary entertaining while on stage.
– Ore played the 1982 Reading Festival on August 28th the day Iron Maiden headlined and was on the the same bill with Tygers Of Pan Tang, Rock Goddess and Gary Moore among others.

ORE - Your Time Will Come

Bandit Records

ORE - Your Time Will Come Phoenix Records

Phoenix Records

Your Time Will Come

7″ Bandit Records (1982) BR003
7″ Phoenix Records (2002) NWOBHM 7022

1. Your Time Will Come
2. Yellow Fever

*The Phoenix Records pressing, titled “Yellow Fever”, is a bootleg limited to 250 hand-numbered red vinyl copies



Location: Stoke-on-Trent

Line Up
Shane Barnett (v)
John Guest (g)
Paul Farrington (b) – also in Demon and Harrier
Dave Tye (d)

Steve Birchall (g)

– Reincarnate also recorded a session for their local Radio Stoke which was aired sometime in 1981

REINCARNATE - Take It Or Leave It

Original vinyl

REINCARNATE - Take It Or Leave It Phoenix Records

Phoenix Records

Take It Or Leave It

7″ Zipp (1982) REIN 001
7″ Phoenix Records (2004) NWOBHM 7025

1. Take It Or Leave It
2. Metal In Disguise

*Original Zipp pressing limited to 500 copies
*Bootleg pressing by Phoenix Records in cream-colored vinyl limited to 250 hand-numbered copies


Location: Kent

Line Up
Paul Armfield (v)
Steve Welch (g)
Pete Smith (b)
Paul Smith (d)
Mark Cunningham (k)

– Their track ‘Last Warrior’ is the opener on the compilation “Kent Rocks Volume 1” (LP, White Witch Records, 1981)

RENEGADE (1) - Lonely Road



Lonely Road

12″ White Witch Records (1980) WIT 1

1. Lonely Road
2. Last Thought


Salem 1983

Location: Hull

Line Up
Simon Saxby (v) – also in Deep Fix
Francis Gill (g)
Adrian Jenkinson (b) – also in Kashmir and Mayfair
Dave Megginson (d)

Damian Balthazar (v)
Paul Macnamara (g) – also in Sacrilege
Mark Allison (g)
Paul Tognola (g) – also in Ethel the Frog
Paul Mendham (d) – also in Innersylum, Infobia, Outland, Rise, Q and The Hidden
Paul Conyers (d) – also in Ethel the Frog
Ricky Squires (d) – also in dEAd ENd KIdS, Beyond Jovi, Battleaxe and Heavy Metal Kids
Oli Davis (d)

– Active from 1979 until 1983. Reformed in 2009
– Won a Battle of Bands competition at the Huddersfield Polytechnic in 1983 which resulted to the recording of their 1983 Demo
– Both in the early 1980s and since their reincarnation, Salem deliver excellent British Metal both in the studio and on stage!
– As of early 2018 and following the departure of some members another band formed using the moniker From Salem. This Salem here is also known as Salem UK

SALEM - Cold As Steel


Cold As Steel

7″ Hilton Records (1982) FMR 056

1. Cold As Steel
2. Reach To Eternity

*Limited to 500 copies. The band mailed out quite a few warped around a white poster with their logo and that demonic figure



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