NWOBHM CDR 1. Badge, Badger, Big Daisy, Brooklyn, Buzzard, Clientelle, Cryer, Denigh, Fugitive. 19 songs from mega rare 7″ singles. Free for CD or LP orders of £80+


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19 songs with 
Badge, Badger, Big Daisy, Brooklyn, Buzzard, Clientelle, Cryer, Denigh, Fugitive.
from extremely rare 7″ singles


Artist: Badge
Release: Silver Woman / Something I’ve Lost, Single 1981
Country: UK
Market Value: $55

1. Silver Woman
2. Something I’ve Lost
Another great early metal offering, this is more on the rock side of things and even has some wah wah pedal action happening. Formed in 1980, Newcastle’s BADGE only put out this one single. The a-side “Silver Woman” is the best of the two tracks here. It start out pretty straight forward but changes thing up after a bit to a heavy/weird keyboard part, which is kind of pointless, but its one of the things that caught my ear about this one in the first place.
1.Silver Woman
2.Something I’ve Lost


Great fucking piece of vinyl here by London’s BADGER. I read about this one in the NWOBHM encyclopedia years ago. Its really a killer single and if you like this kind of shit,you need this. First track “Over the wall” is a scorcher. Straight forward NWOBHM with rougher vocals. This has more in common with WARFARE than with PRAYING MANTIS, plus a hint of early IRON MAIDEN if that means anything to you, Ha Ha. Next is “Faceless Gang” a mid pace ripper with cool lyrics and a catchy chorus. Then we come to the live track “Runaway”, yet another killer track on this awesome single and I bet these dudes had to be great live judging from this cut. Its kind of a blues rocker that actually reminds me of SPIDER or HAMMERHEAD.

1.Over The Wall
2.Faceless Gang
3.Runaway (Live)

Big Daisy

Big Daisy

Location: Lichfield

Line Up
Mervyn Spence (v,b) – also in Wishbone Ash, Trapeze, Phenomena, Face Face and Purple Cross
Roger Fox (g) – also in Dozer Willis, Gorilla and Lord Lucifer
Degg Newman (d) – also in Edge, Straight Actor, Picasso’s Ear and Stonebrokers

Paul Phizacklea (d)
Tim Rowe (g) – also in Sticky Fingers, Venom, Easy Livin, Izzy Skint, Tears, Kidd Gluvz, Killer Queen and Essential Journey

– Formed in 1978 and in late 1981 they changed their name to Jury.
– Jury’s song ‘Don’t Go’ was included in the compilation “Metallic Storm” (Ebony, 1982)
– Vocalist Mervyn Spence is involved in several music and media projects with his company Emjo Media Group

Footprints On The Water

7″ Ellie Jay (1980) 9428

1. Footprints On The Water
2. Fever

*Limited to 1000 copies. One of the most sought after collectible items in NWOBHM history. In recent years a few copies were sold on ebay for more than 600 GBP (approx $900!)



Location: Birmingham

Line Up
Rick Willson (v,g)
Danny Willson (g)
Barry Coughlin (b)
Gordon Taylor (d)

– In 1981 Brooklyn performed the song ‘Two Wheels’ on the BBC Midlands TV show “Look Hear!”. You can also watch it here

BROOKLYN - I Wanna Be A Detective


I Wanna Be A Detective

7″ Rondelet Records (1980) ROUND 3

1. I Wanna Be A Detective
2. Two Wheels




Location: Kent

Line Up
Jon Everett (v,b)
Phil Allchin (g)
Martin Harris (g)
John Regan (d)

Ian Devlin (g,k)

– Formed in 1978 and remained active until 1985. During this time Denigh played live numerous times and provided support slots for Saxon, Samson, Budgie, Girlschool and Rage among others
– True to the DIY spirit, they self-produced several different promo materials (badges, stickers, posters etc) as well as two t-shirts at the time
– A few low profile reunion gigs took place over the years at small local venues

Denigh – No Way

7″ Ace Records (1980) ACE 16

1. No Way
2. Running

*No picture sleeve. Pressed in 1000 copies. Both tracks can be found on the compilation “NWOBHM Metal Rarities Volume 3” (CD, British Steel, 1997)



Location: Nottingham

Line Up
Bernie Clark (v,g) – also in Ripper
Lenny Lembo (v,g)
Keith Robinson (b)
Rick Berry (d) – also in Ripper and Toronto Run

– Fugitive were a very active live band
– For a small period of time Bernie Clark and Rick Berry were in a band called Ripper along with Paul Gaskin.

Need My Freedom

7″ Self released (1981) FMR 050

1. Need My Freedom
2. Don’t Tell Me I’m Crazy

*Released without a picture sleeve

Hell Yeah – Balls for Africa! – 80%

Yes! This is what NWOBHM is all about, honestly. It just has that rockin, dirty, head nodding quality. Sounds exactly like you want NWOBHM to sound like, and everything is done ‘how it should be’. This one is riff driven, kinda heavy, and sorta pacey. Vocals are tough and great, and it’s thoroughly enjoyable. For style, I’d actually say it’s a little bit like Marseille at their heavier moments, a bit like Savage, and a bit like Samson or Bitches Sin. Fist might be another point of comparison, as this is pretty much the style they play. I’m not familiar with the band’s follow up demo from ’82, but I’ve owned this one for a while. If you like Savage, or if you like NWOBHM, you’ll want to pick this one up, and grab yourself a warm pint of bitter and nod your head.

Your title track is great. The riffs by Lembo and Clark are stunning, and the interplay they have is stellar. What’s cool about this song is that it’s not only ballsy, but pretty damn pacey for ’81! If you thought that track was strong however, you’re in for a treat; ‘Don’t Tell Me I’m Crazy’ is just as good, if not better. Really getting creative here – and there’s some vicious vocals and damn tough riffage. Vocalist (I’m not sure which one of the guitarists it is) lets loose a nasty scream at the start, and delivers his lines with some whimpering shrieks that really spice things up. The echoes used occasionally at the end of the “watchout!” are perfect, and the guitar lead section is fast, and brilliant. Really, really talented stuff going on here. The recording quality is actually pretty damn good too; drums are nice and thick, and the guitar are as clear as day – you can really hear the interplay between em well. Shit, I’m gonna have to insist that you NWOBHM fans get this one, if you don’t already have it. Rebellious, slicing NWOBHM with attitude, bite and great guitars, this one is a relic from a band that really is a shame that broke-up. A full length from these guys could’ve been the next ‘Wheels of Steel’ or ‘Out of Reach’. Utterly advisable NWOBHM single, gifted by a band with real talent (more than most of their contemporaries).

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