NUCLEAR ASSAULT: The Plague E.P / LP 1987. Check audio + a video review


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NUCLEAR ASSAULT: The Plague [Formed by Danny Lilker after his departure from Anthrax, Nuclear Assault sound combined both the hardcore influences of Lilker and John Connelly with the more metallic styles of Anthony Bramante and Glenn Evans, accentuated by Connelly rather unique whiney (yet effective) vocal style. Lilker later bands are well-documented elsewhere, while both Evans and Connelly have had solo projects in the past (C.I.A. and Nuclear Theory, respectively).
A1 Game Over 2:36 – (instrumental)
A2 Nightmares 3:56
A3 Butt F**k 2:54
B1 Justice 4:17
B2 The Plague 4:54
B3 Cross Of Iron 3:38

Nuclear Assault = Major Metal,
One of the things I really like about Nuclear Assault is that they come across as a fun loving bunch as well as just all out metal maniacs. There is way more going on with these guys than meets the eye. Their music is fun and they are all great musicians. The guitar is light years beyond than anything Metallica has ever put out. The drumming is better than most. The bass lines are great as well. I cannot stress enough that Nuclear Assault is vital listening for anyone who truly enjoys thrash. They prove that thrash is not just Slayer and Testament type lyrics and feel. Nuclear Assault was in a league all their own.

A nice little story in which the A-side “”Butt Fuck”” is the one who received the most attention. It is about the Motley Crue singer Vince Neil who due to his rock star status (as Nuclear Assault) arrived too cheaply its complete run December 8, 1984 in which Hanoi-drummer Nicholas “”Razzle”” Dingley was killed. “”Butt Fuck”” is simply the punishment they know Vince Neil would have received if he had gone to prison as an “”ordinary person””. Vince, of course, survived the crash completely unscathed, only got community service and fines … Nuclear Assault bassist Dan Lilker explains: “”The whole concept of that song was that it was fucked up that he [Vince Neil] could get away with driving drunk and killing the guy in the car with him [Razzle]. He didn’t do any jail time like you or I would. Just because he was famous, all he had to do was some community service and do some public service announcements about drunk driving. He literally got away with murder. We thought he should’ve gone to prison and got anally raped like most young men do when they’re put in United States prisons. We made the whole thing funny, but we meant it””.

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