NOTRE DAME: Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You, The 2nd. PROMO CD 2002. Rare.


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Notre Dame was a Swedish metal band formed in 1997. Members included Snowy Shaw and Vampirella (vocals) and Jean-Pierre de Sade (guitar and bass) and Mannequin de Sade (drums) two brothers who claimed to be descendants of legendary revolutionary writer Marquis de Sade. The band mixed black metal with elements of electro, horror, Gothic and orchestral themes.
In an interview, Snowy stated, that he performed drums on Notre Dame albums and Mannequin de Sade was actually only a made-up character.

Snowy Associated acts: Dimmu Borgir, King Diamond, Loud N’ Nasty, Mercyful Fate, Dream Evil, Therion, Cans, Memento Mori


Notre Dame Coming Soon To A Theatre Near You, The 2nd
Label: Osmose Productions PROMO
Format: CD PROMO
Country: France
Released: 02 Apr 2002
Genre: Heavy Metal, Goth Rock, Symphonic Rock
1 The Bells Of Notre Dame 6:18
2 Blacksmith & Co 3:56
3 Vlad The Impaler 4:58
4 Dracula Sucks! 2:33
5 Ulv 3:55
6 Daughter Of Darkness 6:52
7 Sisterhood 1:07
8 Michael 3:03
9 Give Blood – Save Lives 4:29
10 A Misconception Of The French Kiss 4:39
11 Horrorscope 3:23

4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent!!,
I have always liked all projects that Snowy Shaw has been involved in. But this beats them all… This is hard, scary, Transylvanian metal.
Mix Dummu Borgir, The Project Hate, Cradle of Filth and King Diamond and you have it. Outstanding drumming as usual by Snowy…

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