NORA: Loser’s Intuition CD 2001 Modern Hardcore. Very good. Check whole album (all songs)


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Nora has compiled 10 bruising songs for the release of their first full length record, combining a variety of musical styles and influences. The band has continued down the path begun in their earlier releases, honing the potent mixture of technical prowess, hectic energy, and pounding groove that defines the bands’ musical vision. Subjects on “Loser’s Intuition” range from self-realisation and growth to an examination of the roles which define the society in which we live and breathe, providing an interesting mix of social, political and personal commentary. From start to finish, “Loser’s Intuition” flows with a unique blend of sounds, pushing the listener to the edge with thunderous, discordant aggression, and then dragging him back with sharp melodic hooks. The exceptional production values do nothing but aid Nora in their quest, providing a sound that is both heavy and crystal clear. “Loser’s Intuition” is a 10 song picture of the progression of a band in motion, growing, changing and learning from each new challenge.

Label: Trustkill Records – TK34
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 2001
Genre: Hardcore, Heavy Metal

1 Wave Goodbye 3:34
2 My Bloody Clownsuit 3:23
3 Warthog 2:32
4 Bring It 3:09
5 Nobody Takes Pictures Of The Drummer 3:14
6 For The Travelers 3:08
7 Lead Pipe Moment 3:29
8 Loser’s Intuition 2:55
9 Mudmonster 3:01
10 Kill You For A Dollar 1:58

Recorded At – Trax East

Bass – Chris Spliedt
Drums – Chris Ross
Engineer – Eric Rachel
Guitar – Matt “”Portland”” Hay, Matt Haick
Producer – Eric Rachel, Matt Haick, NORA
Vocals – Carl Severson

Recorded at Trax East Studios – South River, NJ – Winter / Spring 2001.

All lyrics by NORA except portions of “”Lead Pipe Moment””, “”Kill You For A Dollar””, “”Wave Goodbye”” & “”Mudmonster”” by ex-members: Michael Olender & John Kohler.

5.0 out of 5 stars hardcore’s most wanted,
Nora has the all the right substance as well as element when it comes to hardcore music… There isn’t one disappointing song here and my favorite is kill you for a dollar. Nora gave an awesome performance with that song “”kill you for a dollar”” on hellfest! Buy nora’s Loser’s intuition and keep true underground hardcore music alive and support trustkill records arlight ? Keep the scene alive!
5.0 out of 5 stars Great music that Nora brings to us !
Don’t get me wrong here… Nora is kinda of a weird name for a hardcore band but still a good name for a hardcore band! Nora’s disc loser’s intuition is not only a masterpiece but also very insightful for any newcomer to hardcore music and has no clue about it. Seeing them at hellfest made me very happy so i suggest you buy Nora’s disc loser’s intuition alright ? Enjoy !
5.0 out of 5 stars THIS CD IS AWESOME,
Words cannot describe how good this CD is. If you are a metal fan and you don’t have this CD i feel really bad for you. I don’t know how to describe it all i can say it is a must buy.
With that out of the way I must say that I am very, very impressed with NORA’s “”Loser’s Intuition”” album. It combines the technical instrumentation of acts like Snapcase and Dillinger Escape Plan, but it doesn’t place it on too hard, they let the melody shine through. With melodic hardcore becoming oh so popular with acts like Poison the Well (signed with Atlantic) and From Autumn to Ashes (great band, probably the next PTW) its good to find a melodic hardcore band, in this case NORA, that still lays down the CORE of it all, and it lays it down HARD. As far as lyrics are concerned, I could care less what these guys sing about, just as long as they scream it to perfection like so. For a taste of the bands pure talent check out “”Nobody Takes Pictures of the Drummer”” and for a nice touch of their good melodic sense check out “”Leadpipe Moment””. This album definitely stands out in the over-crowded, and often redundant, hardcore marketplace.
5.0 out of 5 stars simply awesome,
i haven’t heard hardcore this good in a long time. most hardcore sounds all the same these days, running together like a big blur – this just rules! it stands on it’s own two feet, it’s technically proficient, emotionally charged and amazing. i can’t think of a song i didn’t like on this CD, “”my bloody clown-suit”” and “”warthog”” are especially great. if you like hardcore, you won’t be disappointed.

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