NODE: Das Kapital CD promo Italy 2004 Technical Melodic Death Metal concept CD. QUEENSRYCHE “Empire”cover. Arch Enemy, In Flames. Check samples


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Scarlet ‎– SC 080-2
CD, Album, Promo
Death Metal
1. War Goes On
2. Twenties
3. Outpost
4. The East-Ghost
5. Das Kapital
6. Retreat 42
7. Weaknessphere
8. The Plot Sickens
9. One Way Media
10. Empire —–> a cover of QUEENSRYCHE
11. Few Words Again
Playing time: 51:54


NODE, an Italian band with a German album title, a Swedish sound and a cover of QUEENSRYCHE’s Empire, somehow that’s a differentiation in the Thrash/Death Metal department. No? Ok what if I told you that Das Kapital is a concept album about the political conflicts of the last century, would you then be interested in hearing the band?
A combination of IN FLAMES lead harmonies and technical aggression doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing today… ah but add some of the atmospheric arrangements of NOVEMBRE and the semi progressive touches of say FATES WARNING… hey… wipe yourself, you drooling all over.

It does sound like a more interesting album now. Das Kapital provides Thrash/Death Metal for the long eared listener; I know I had to go through repeated inspections on the first track War Goes On, a track that releases a very technical yet catchy sound.

The music of NODE is not technical in the vein of SPIRAL ARCHITECT or anything from the upper league of Technical Metal, but still high powered with small finesses. The sound from Studio Underground is the perfect endorsement for these tracks, they’ve done an excellent work in bringing this high tech sound into the songs. As with so many other bands from the genre, NODE pay tribute to their idols and want to progress; the band goes more old school in Retreat 42 with traditional Heavy Metal riffing but move forward at the same time in the song titled  The Plot Sickens  which is a NODE ballad of some sort, definitely not too soft though.

Vocalist Daniel Botti puts his own special flair into the songs. Alterations blend without ease; one moment he could be screaming fiercely in the best Evil Chuck style, the next he might be doing a harsh Stanne growl and don’t be surprised if he pulls a few Taneli Jarva shouts as well. On a queerer note, Botti also does some semi clean singing that sound like a Chris Boltendahl (GRAVE DIGGER) with a huge needle up his ass.
The drumming from Marco Di Salvia will slay many critics (if not all). Guitars and bass are skilfully played as well. The solo parts are a must when playing this kind of music (at least I think so); the Italians don’t necessarily think this way, they like the melodies to fill out more space in their songs while the solos pop up rather spontaneously.

I believe NODE has self-preservation and staying power, they have what it takes to break out from the segment they’re in now, I look forward to next one already.

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