NIGHTCHAINS: Metal to the Bone CD free for CD orders of £30 Lebanese pure 80s Heavy/Speed/Thrash metal. Check audio


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NIGHTCHAINS: Metal to the Bone CD free for orders of  £30+

Full-length, Self-released
June 3rd, 2005
1. Ecstasy 04:03
2. The Law 03:38
3. Metal Storm 05:40
4. Summit of Thunder 06:47
5. Where We Come From 03:50
6. (Can’t Write a) Love Song 02:45
7. Mile of Skulls 04:50
8. Prelude 00:49
9. Heart of Battle 05:20
Total playing time 37:00

Well well well….those fuckers did a great job on this first full length release , by giving a big step forward to the Lebanese metal scene … the complete album is a pure 80’s Heavy/Speed/Thrash metal !!
Nightchains is One of the only bands out there , that brought back the good and classic 80’s sound not only by the tunes they are giving out but also on the recording of the album , it’s very rare nowadays to see new bands go back to the 80’s roots,and come out with such material, what i want to say here is that you ll think this album was released and recorded in the 80’s , that’s why i am impressed !! The band Influences variete from Motorhead , Judas Priest , old Anthrax , Living Death …… to some more 80’s Thrash like bands on some parts ( specially on the drums ) , the 3 members did a great job on the album , good guitar riffs and solos and music structure , Excellent vocals … Hell yeah dude !!!…..Metallllllllll Thrashingggg Madddddddddddddd hehe m/ and good steady drumming !!! anyways guy’s if i had to rate this album over ten which i hate doing…hehe i would give it a 8.6/10 cause it fuckin deserves it .
You guys fuckin kick ass !! and keep it metal to the fuckin bone !Battle on !!


Let me start off by saying that is a very drastic and huge step for Nightchains as a heavy/speed metal band. Regardless of whatever I may have said about other albums, or…demos ;), this is definitely one of the best metal releases this country’s ever had. Varying from the recording, to Max’s heart gripping vocals, to Tex’s rapid guitars and some really creative solos he rips on numerous tracks on this album, to the fine-crafted bass touches, and of course, to Nabil’s furious rentless drumming which is new to Nightchains, after that last drummer.

The album starts off with the infamous Ecstasy, but not quite, Ecstasy has drastically changed from the previous old version, into something faster, more aggressive, and amazingly tuned and well played. Instruments are really being handled very well on this album, their perfect handling shines in this track.

The second track being The Law, starts off kind of Motorhead-ish. Then changes into something really genuine that only Nightchains could come up with, ending with a small yet intense scenario that really lets the listener know where Nightchains stand in Lebanon, the scenario leads up to the third track being Metalstorm, I cannot stress on how much Max’s vocals have improved amazingly into something literally heart gripping in this track.

The fourth track being Summit of Thunder, with Max’s almost growling really a fucking badass song that will be gone to waste if not played live at least once or twice..and in your first listen to this song, at some point in it just right after the groundbreaking solo, you’ll start to think that it’s getting repetitive, but the song hits you yet again with a great slayer-like riff along with max’s vocals and nabil’s non-stop drum-fucking techniques, really redefines the phrase “”Holy Shit!””.

Where We Come From is nothing special instruments-wise, to be perfectly honest. This song is all about lyrics which basically discuss Lebanon, the previous/current wars and the likes. But never the less, instruments are also being mastered in every sense, this song doesn’t stand in the “”bad”” section of this album, but I can say that it surely wasn’t made for just anyone…

I have been waiting to listen to this song ever since I heard the guys play bits and pieces of it at some times, and I was NOT disappointed, (Can’t Write a) Love Song, is what you may call an (acoustic break)..a break from all the previous heart pounding tracks. Great guitar work by Tex..and..well words are really not enough to describe how I feel about Max’s vocals on this album and on this track specifically. (Can’t Write a) Love Song is a very intimate song that will definitely stir up some feelings in you if you’re half as grim as I am, heh.

The seventh track of this album…-another fucking favourite- is Mile of Skulls…To tell you the truth, I personally worship this song, I find it perfect in every fucking way, and I really don’t give a shit if you think I’m exaggerating with this..That’s all I have to say about this specific song, you’ll know what I mean when you listen to it.

There’s not much to say about this 8th track which is the prelude to Heart of Battle. It sounds like it’s been recorded in a dungeon of some sort, sounds of men at war and heavy iron cells being moved from side to side, along with the mood-setting riff in the background.

The ninth and last track of this album is Heart of Battle, which I found to be a mix of various artists, yielding before Nightchains’ genuine style to make up something that kind of marks the end of something, the feeling of being fed up with the bullshit is clearly shown in this track (lyrics-wise). You’ll know what I’m talking about when you (of course) listen to it.

In conclusion, as I’ve mentioned before, this album is and will always be one the best metal releases this country has to offer. This is NOT an album to be missed out on, and you can take THAT to the bank.
P.S. I think Sodom fans will really enjoy this album the most..Don’t know why though, but I sense that that’s what’s going to happen.”

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