NIGHT RANGER: Man In Motion LP 1988 RARE Spanish copy. Check the “I Did It For Love” video, a Russ Ballard composition. Check video + turntable videos


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NIGHT RANGER: Man In Motion [Spanish copy. Great LP]

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Featuring ex-Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Brad Gillis and former Montrose keyboardist Alan Fitzgerald, Night Ranger was one of the most popular mainstream hard rock bands of the mid-’80s. The group formed in the early ’80s in San Francisco; in addition to Gillis and Fitzgerald, the members included Jack Blades (vocals, bass), Jeff Watson (guitar), and Kelly Keagy (drums).

Man in Motion is an album released in 1988 by the hard rock/arena rock band, Night Ranger. Original Night Ranger keyboardist Alan Fitzgerald had left the band prior to recording sessions for the album, and new keyboardist Jesse Bradman is featured as his replacement. This effort would be the last studio album released by the band until the mid-1990’s.
Track list:
“”Man In Motion”” (Blades/Gillis) – 4:26
“”Reason To Be”” (Keagy/Blades) – 4:10
“”Don’t Start Thinking”” (I’m Alone Tonight) (Blades/Fitzgerald/Keagy) – 4:42
“Love Shot Me Down” (Blades) – 4:04
“Restless Kind” (Blades/Keagy) – 4:40
“Halfway To The Sun” (Blades) – 5:18
“”Here She Comes Again”” (Blades) – 4:20
“”Right On You”” (Keagy/Blades) – 4:12
“”Kiss Me Where It Hurts”” (Gillis/Blades) – 4:33
“”I Did It For Love“” (Russ Ballard) – 4:46
“”Woman In Love”” (Blades) – 4:43

Night Ranger is The Beatles of the 1980’s. They were plagued by management issues and radio air play charts. When the bad boy rock was heating up in 1987, Night Ranger’s management forced them into releasing Big Life without any hard rock songs for radio singles. They did the same for 7 Wishes and just got lucky because Goodbye and Sentimental Street are some of the best ballads of all time.

#1 – Man In Motion (1988):

The most underrated Night Ranger album ever.  The album was mostly ignored by the radio and basically everyone.  Keyboardist, Alan Fitzgerald, had left the band to be replaced by Jesse Bradman and the band’s popularity had waned significantly.  This would also be the last studio album by the band until the mid-90’s.  The band’s dynamics were changing and things might not have been going to so well as Jack Blades would leave the band the following year.

That didn’t stop them from putting together their most solid, consistent album since their debut.  Their sound matured and the songwriting was at it’s best.  I really think these were some of the best songs they had ever written.  There was a cohesiveness in style and in sonics to the album that the others lacked in my opinion.  There were so many highlights I don’t know where to begin.  You had “Man in Motion”, “Reason to Be”, “Halfway to the Sun”, “Here She Comes Again”, “Restless Kind” and “Don’t Start Thinking (I’m Alone Tonight” to name just a few.

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