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Thrash Metal from United Kingdom (Milton Keynes)
1. Evolution 02:10
2. Forever Lost 04:01
3. Middle Finger Salute 05:44
4. Mind Control 02:46
5. Open Eyes 00:41
6. Searching for Sanity 04:48
7. The End 02:04

Newborn Nemesis – “Searching for Sanity”
(Independent, 2004)
“Searching for Sanity”, their debut mini album, hits the mark in a very pronounced fashion. Following on from their outstanding self-titled demo, the band formerly known as Cerberus are in an experimental mood this time around, mixing up their hardcore and thrash influences with some more traditional melodic fare. And while on paper this may sound like just the right ingredients recipe for yet another cliche-ridden “”melo death”” outfit, “”Evolution”” and the punky “”Middle Finger Salute”” prove that the band still owe more to The Haunted than they do to the tawdry likes of Caliban. At the same time however, the addition of twin-guitar harmonizing does detract somewhat from the music’s overall impact — at times overstepping the mark and becoming downright unwelcome, as in the case of the title track’s opening bridge. But it’s early days still for Newborn Nemesis, and at the rate they’re evolving at this point, it should surprise no one when they start getting mentioned in the same hushed tones as their peers very soon.

The band return to Bedford next Saturday for a second headline show at Esquires. Support will come from Alterica and Necrosadistic Goat Torture. The band promise to put on an emphatic show after the good publicity they received last week from Terrorizer magazine.
Newborn Nemesis will feature a track on the cover CD of December’s Terrorizer magazine, the track being used is the rampant Searching For Sanity. This is a fantastic achievement for the band, who have recently had a quiet spell in terms of gigs. The massive distribution of the magazine across Europe will mean excellent publicity for Newborn Nemesis, who will also feature a small article in the new bands section of the magazine.
Terrorizer have also given Searching For Sanity an excellent 8/10 review in the same December issue, full details of which will be available on the site this week. Alternatively, you can buy a copy of this month’s Terrorizer from most good newsagents

Newborn Nemesis put on an emphatic show on their Searching For Sanity CD launch night, which included storming sets from supports Apethread and Scar:red. Around 300 people turned up to see Nemesis plough through a set which included all the tracks from the new CD as well as pounding a new song “I, Nemesis”.

Highlights of the supports had to be Apethread’s crushing cover of Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy” and Scar:red’s brilliant version of Slayer’s “Stain of Mind”. Nemesis would like to say a big thanks to Apethread and Scar:red for helping to make the night one to remember. You can catch Apethread at the Woughton Pitz on 29th October.

The band would also like to thank all those who turned up and went crazy, Paul Rivers for making the night possible and Jenny and Sarah for doing a great job modelling and selling the T-shirts and CDs.

Newborn Nemesis now begin their assault of the UK with a series of shows which see them venture to London, Cambridge and South Wales – see the gig section for more detsils.

outstanding set
Simon joins Apethread
on stage
Chris of NN
gives his all
Tying in with the release of the new mini album, the band are proud to announce that brand new merchandise will soon be available. For the promotion of “Searching For Sanity” T-shirts, stickers and custom “Simon” and “Heff” guitar picks are on offer. T-Shirts are available in all sizes, if you would like to place an order please contact the band.


“Searching For Sanity” mini album – £5 + P&P;
T-shirts (Small, Medium, Large, XL) – £7 + P&P;
Stickers – Available on request
Picks – Available on request
“Searching For Sanity” is confirmed for release on the 15th October. Tracks include “Mind Control”, “Evolution” and the title track, which all featured on the Mini Album Promo. As well as these tracks some brand new material has been laid down in the forms of “Middle Finger Salute”, “The End” and “Open Eyes”. Even though the mini album is nearly all new material, the band have included their classic “Forever Lost” for any of the old skooler’s still knocking around from the early days.
Some clips of the CD are ready to download from the Sounds section. Any feedback to ‘Searching for Sanity’ would be greatly appreciated, so if you’ve got something to say about it, feel free to post in the forum.
The band have announced an official name change, Chris writes:

“In recent times we found the name “Cerberus” to be to much of a burden on our future progression. I’m sure many of you are aware that we were not the only band named “Cerberus” in the world by a long shot. Plus with the slight change in musical direction, attitudes and the recording and writing of new material, the band figured that it was better to make a fresh start. So, we would all like to say thanks to all of those who have supported us over the years and we hope that you will follow NEWBORN NEMESIS in the future.”

Newborn Nemesis  Bedford. 26th Febuary 2005.

‘Newborn Nemesis’ who were originally called ‘Cerberus’ and who played Esquires in December. Again they delivered an awesome set, indicative of a band that has shared a stage with such names as ‘Mastodon’, ‘Exodus’, ‘Testament’, ‘Death Angel’ and ‘Entombed’ in the past few months.
Newborn Nemesis have now finished a 7 track mini-album called ‘Searching for Sanity’ which featured a track on a cover CD with the December edition of Terrorizers and gained some respectable reviews in the music press. The Esquires faithful were certainly not disappointed by their set on Saturday – come back soon!

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