NEW ELECTRIC WARRIORS LP. Rare 1980 N.W.O.B.H.M compilation. Check 6 songs.


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MOGO 4011
1. Turbo – Running
2. Buffalo – Battle Torn Heroes
3. Streetfighter – Shes No Angel
4. Stromtrooper – Grind’N’Heat
5. Tarot – Feel The Power
6. Bastille – Hard Man
7. Oxym – Hot Rain
8. Dawnwatcher – Firing On All Eight
9. Vardis – If I Were King
10. Silverwing – Rock & Roll Are Four Letter Words
11. Rhabstallion – Chain Reaction
12. Colossus – Holding Back Your Love
13. Jedediah Strut – Workin’ Nights
14. Warrior – Still On The Outside
15. Kosh – The Hit
16. Race Against Time – Bedtime
The New Electric Warriors compilation released on Logo Records label in 1980 contains the badass track “Bedtime” by Race Against Time, the band who later would become Hell!

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NEW ELECTRIC WARRIORS compilation LP: ‘New Electric Warriors’ was released by Logo records, featuring tracks specially recorded by Silverwing, Vardis, Turbo, Tarot, Jedediah Strut, Warrior, Oxym, Dawnwatcher, Rhabstallion, Colossus, Bastille, Buffalo, Streetfighter, Kosh, Race Against Time

Released on Logo Records, this was one of the first NWOBHM compilations. The high prices being paid for the vinyl version testify to the lasting appeal of the genre, dubbed at the time as “Heavy Metal For Punks”. Or was it punk for heavy metal fans? Whatever, the bands featured did include two of the best names ever in Metal- ‘Rhabstallion’ and ‘Jedediah Strut’- and at least one track from Cheshire-based glam rock dudes Silverwing, whose Kiss fetish and Geoff Barton-penned lyrics are part of the overall legend of the genre.