NELSON: Because they Can CD. (Original 1st press 1995). Fantastic Melodic Hard Rock. Check videos incl. “Won’t Walk Away”


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Label : Geffen
Pressing : 24525
Year : 1995
1. (You Got Me) All Shook Up (check video)
2. The Great Escape
3. Five O’Clock Plane
4. Cross My Broken Heart  (check video)
5. Peace On Earth
6. Remi
7. Won’t Walk Away (check video)
8. Only A Moment Away
9. Joshua Is With Me Now
10. Love Me Today
11. Be Still
12. Right Before Your Eyes
13. Nobody Wins In The End

5.0 out of 5 stars Oh yes they can,
I love this album. I love all their albums. If you liked their debut, you will love this, their “sophomore” effort.
5.0 out of 5 stars ONE OF THE BEST CDs I OWN,
I am a huge Nelson fan, and have been since their beginning in music. This is absolutely one of the best cds I own. Even better than After the Rain, if possible. Matthew and Gunnar Nelson are highly underrated as musicians and songwriters. I would recommend this CD to everyone.
5.0 out of 5 stars They rock, simply because they can…,
After the success of “After the Rain,” the band had…lets just say….difficulties in the release of their second album. Finally after a five-year wait, this is what emerged. And let me just say the wait was worth it. As much as I love their first album, this album is ten times better. Much more was put into this disc than the first, I find. From the opening chords of the album, you can’t help but be hooked. This album is sure to please a music fan of every taste. It was ballads (“Love Me Today”), instrumentals (“Remi”) and up-beat melodic rock (“The Great Escape.”) Ever since I picked up the disc, I’ve been in awe. The emotion that pours forth from the music is so pure, and will no doubt please fans of soft-core country to even some hard-core pop fans and just about anybody who is a fan of good old pop-rock in general.
5.0 out of 5 stars I’m Glad They Did…,
Most albums have “filler” material, right? You know….those “OK” songs in between the fabulous songs? Not so with this album. Each and every song is a masterpiece in its own right. There is the catchy pop genius of “(You Got Me) All Shook Up” to the very clever use of numerics in the lyrics of “Five O’Clock Plane” (Are we ONE or TOO far gone…to say THREE words I love you….beFORE you take that FIVE o’clock plane?). Very clever, indeed. Then there is the very two-steppin “Cross My Broken Heart”. The Lean-On-Me-ish “Only A Moment Away”, addictive after two listens and “Won’t Walk Away” displays the fast-paced metal-pop sound reminiscent of their first album. “Right Before Your Eyes” is an uplifting reminder of believing in yourself and “Love Me Today”, has a sweet and heart-wrenching second verse about their father, Ricky. The two instrumental pieces “Joshua Is With Me Now” and “Remi” are mesmerising. The latter reminding me of the works of Phil Keaggy and the first involving some exquisitely fast acoustical guitar playing.

“Be Still” is probably my favorite on this album with its bluesy slide guitar. The spiritual lyrics of “Peace on Earth” are beautiful and the rock -opera-ness of “Nobody Wins in the End” is the perfect song to close the album.

Clearly, the Brothers Nelson FAR surpass the “talented” category and this album displays their gifts in several sub-genres of music. Sadly, they didn’t get the proper support from their label, Geffen Records. This is really not the album they had envisioned as their “sophomore” effort, as they presented “Imaginator” to the powers-that-be at Geffen and were told it would receive no promotion, as it was too “heavy” for Nelson. Well, I’m glad they released this album and that I was able to come across this hard-to-find treasure.
5.0 out of 5 stars Love it.,
I own all the Nelson CDs and have to admit that I love them all – I guess I’m just a Nelson fan. Sue me.

This is just a wonderful CD with the Nelson harmonies at their absolute best.

Try these on for size: THE GREAT ESCAPE (slow and romantic); CROSS MY BROKEN HEART (a love-gone-wrong-but-I-won’t-admit-I-miss-you song); PEACE ON EARTH (truly romantic); and RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES (a romantic song about unknowingly having the love of your life right in front of you – and not knowing it).

Get this CD while its available – I believe its out of print.
5.0 out of 5 stars COMPLETELY UNDERRATED!,
This is probably one of the most underrated CDs I own, not to mention one of the most underrated bands of all time. I purchased this album soon after its original release date, and was thoroughly pleased. And it has continued to be one of my favorites. Very catchy melodies (who would expect less from Nelson?), as well as great lyrics and harmonies. Probably the best track is the final one, “Nobody Wins In The End” which obviously shows some Queen influence. When I first played this for my husband, he was very impressed. And note that the song “Five O’Clock Plane” is exactly 5 minutes long 🙂 Two thumbs way up!!!
5.0 out of 5 stars Because they can produce great music,
I purchased this album at a hard time in my life, when I had to take decisions that would eventually change the entire course of my live. “Because They Can”, filled with positive strong phrases inspires the listeners to get in touch with their inner souls. In my particular case, it helped me stay focused on my priorities and pursue my dreams. With this Album, the Nelsons proved that they have a lot more to offer than just their looks. They have a true inherent talent.
5.0 out of 5 stars Much better than “After the rain.”,
I’ll admit I wasn’t much of a Nelson fan back in the day. I really didn’t like “After the rain” at all, a bit too slick for my tastes. But I picked up this album in a bargain bin of a music store for $2, just out of curiosity as I had definitely heard of Nelson, even though I wasn’t a fan. I put this album on and was hooked. Unlike “After the rain” Matthew and Gunnar Nelson actually put some emotion and soul into these songs and I could listen to this whole album straight through. “Nobody wins in the end” is my favorite on the album, a song about forgiveness. “Cross my broken heart” sounds like a country song but it is great too, the song being about a bitter breakup. “The Great Escape” has some fine dual vocals by the brothers and a good chorus. “Right before your eyes” is another tune with some great hooks. Overall, the album is softer and less polished than the first. “Won’t walk away” sounds like a leftover from “After the rain” but it eclipses most of the stuff on that album. “Remi” and Joshua is with me now” are a couple of decent instrumentals and the first single “All shook up” should have went further. “Five o’ clock plane”, “Love me today” and “Peace on earth” round out an excellent album. I know fans of the first Nelson cd will like these but even if you didn’t like “After the rain” you owe it to yourself to give this one a listen. And the price this cd is selling for is very good, almost a steal! Basically, the album has a little bit of everything; folk, country, rock, pop all in a volatile mix! Not bad for a duo referred to as “the Hanson of the 80s.” But like Hanson, these guys write and play their own instruments, too. Given the right promotion and the right time, this album would’ve been huge.
5.0 out of 5 stars Positive, Melodic and Wonderful,
“Because They Can” is one of my favorite Nelson cds. I can’t believe that it was not better promoted. Unlike Nelsons debut cd, this one focuses on acoustic sounds and the tight “brother harmony” that Matthew and Gunnar Nelson have come to be known for. My favorite tracks are “All Shook Up,” “Peace on Earth,” and “Only a Moment Away.” If you are a lover of power harmony in pure adult-oriented rock, don’t pass this one up!
5.0 out of 5 stars WAY TO GO MATTHEW & GUNNAR!!,
Gunnar & Matthew are very special people with a talent that goes FAR beyond their yrs! Because They Can is one of my favorite CDs. “Love Me Today” is a special song for me, it reminds me that no matter how old you may be or how far away from home you are, you’re always LOVED by family & friends. It also can be a reminder to tell everyone close to you how much they mean to you. I’m unable to really describe the rest of the CD, except in these words…ITs FANTASTIC!

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