NECROPHAGIA: The Divine Art of Torture CD PROMO (different artwork) 2003 Their best! Death Metal. Check whole album, all songs and video


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Not a bad little song, right?

It is the best  Death Metal album ever.

So absolutely barbaric.

Necrophagia  “ The Divine Art Of Torture
Label: Season Of Mist   SOM 069
Format: CD, Album, Promo
Country: US
Released: 2003
Genre: Grindcore, Death Metal
1 Blaspheme The Body 3:12
2 Upon Frayed Lips Of Silence 5:08
3 Parasite Eve 3:23
4 Maim Attraction 3:08
5 Rue Morgue Disciple 2:46
6 The Sick Room 4:00
7 Conjuring The Unnamable 3:46
8 Flowers Of Flesh And Blood 4:39
9 The Divine Art Of Torture 3:12
10 Ze Do Caixao 3:40

The undisputed kings of Horror/Gore return with their first full-length release in five years. New elements and fresh blood have injected unspeakable into NECROPHAGIA in their quest for raising the dead. Truly inhuman to say the least. Sit back.. Dim the lights.. And prepare for the sound track to your worst nightmare.

Man what a unique voice in death metal! Love this album.

NECROPHAGIA: The Divine Art of Torture
Ah Death Metal  without any doubt the most adapted style to re transcribe the unhealthy and crazy atmosphere of a gore film, its slimy horror, its debauchery of meat, its sadistic – and enjoyable – madness. They are numerous, the champions of the genre, where you can find Mortician, Six Feet Under  and Necrophagia that has definitely acquired a cult status we won’t question here. The Divine Art Of Torture is a new anthem to those famous poets of gore: Romero, Fulci or Argento, a Death Metal fresco full of powerful riffs and crushing rhythms struck with a salutary perversity. On the whole, the group privileges monumental swarms and heavy tempos to brutality, but never loses its violence and vigor, far from it. Excellently carried by its psychopath-leader Killjoy, this funeral march permits him to reveal a tessitura to wake up the dead, a scorched vomiting that perfectly becomes the celebration of such venomous creature. Now and then the group polishes up ambiences faithful to the soundtracks of that good old “”films de genre””, painting a macabre scenery where Necrophagia’s cadaverous heaviness asserts itself with the whole of its weight. The know-how is undeniably here. The earth of the kingdom of monsters is still wet of blood, Necrophagia has trampled it for you and brings back from it sordid and very delightful stories just for you.

5.0 out of 5 stars Their Best Yet!, This record is much better than I expected, with the departure of Phil Anselmo, I thought Necrophagia would loose it’s new-found vision and intensity (as witnessed in “Holocausto De la Morte”), but “The Divine Art of Torture” is the band’s most accomplished effort to date. The songs show more dynamics and a heavier guitar sound than it’s predecessor and it is at the same time heavier, faster and more melodic. Lyrically, the record is inspired by the work of Brazilian horror director Coffin Joe, showing once more, Killjoy’s passion for the horror genre. If you like Necrophagia or the other Killjoy bands (Wurdulak, Ravenous, etc..) you will eat this alive.

5.0 out of 5 stars spine shivering madness, After working with Phil Anselmo and his “Macabre Riffs” on Holacosto De La Morte. Killjoy found a whole new world of ghastly sounds to work with. I can sense a taste of ‘Viking Crown’ in here as well. An underground project with Phil A. on all instruments, and his g/f Opal on keyboards. Killjoy brought together all of these elements into this album and its a total masterpiece. Join the underground scene and see what you’ve been missing.

reviewer: “It is the best  Death Metal album ever”

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