NEAL SCHON: Electric World 2CD (Double CD 113 minutes) fusion in the vein of Carlos Santana! Check all songs.


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Release Date: 15 Jul 1997
Format: CD
Record Label: Virgin
Number of Discs: 2 Discs
UPC: 724387759527
Genre: Rock

Track listing
1. Night Spirit
2. N.Y.C.
3. Highway 1
4. Electric World
5. Gypsy Dance
6. My Past Life
7. Memphis Voodoo
8. Breaking Waves
9. Midnight Express
10. Living Desert
11. Dragon, The

1. Medicine Man
2. Emperor, The
3. Emerald Forest
4. One and Only
5. High Mileage
6. Scram
7. Mandolin Sky
8. Eye on the World
9. All Our Yesterdays
10. Prayer for Peace, A

Playing time: 113 min.
Contributing artists: Alphonso Johnson, Kit Walker, Steve Smith, Zakir Hussain
Producer: Neal Schon

Neal Schon (guitar, mandolin); Igor Len, Kit Walker (keyboards, drum & bass programming); Alphonso Johnson (bass); Walfredo Reyes, Jr. (drums, percussion); Steve Smith (drums); Zakir Hussain (tabla, percussion); Michael Carabello (percussion).
Recorded at Warehouse 7 Studio, Oakland, California.
Composer: Kit Walker.

Ambitious two-CD length, Electric World is a step forward for guitarist Neal Schon. Essentially, the record is a fusion exercise in the vein of Carlos Santana, which shouldn’t be a surprise, since Schon spent much of the mid-’90s playing with the legendary guitarist. There is less meat to Schon’s music than Santana’s, since he can’t resist slick, polished production and plays like a session musician, but there’s no denying that Electric World is one of his most accomplished efforts to date.


5.0 out of 5 stars Woefully overlooked guitarist,

When I was a small boy I had a neighbour buddy, who was gifted musically, he used to put a storybook picture of photo on his piano and play music to the picture. Neal Schon’s music reminds me of it. Neal makes a picture or image in your head with each composition. E.g : Neal takes you on a whistle stop tour of the urban sprawl which is “NYC”, the guitar soloing on this track is superb. Next example is “Highway 1” laid back smooth Jazz. then on “Gypsy Dance” you are taken away to a Gypsy camp fire at night, Neal has all the technique, or should I say “textures” in the book, as he is an Artist, painting scenes on canvass with his guitar.
“My Past Life” you can see you own past life going before your eyes as Neal weaves his guitar magic, the backing musicians compliment him so well, having an influence but not overpowering, this is Neal’s show.
How this guy is overlooked ( Bill Nelson of Bebop Deluxe is another) when you talk of guitar greats is difficult to fathom. But when he joined Santana as a 15yr old, Carlos must have been a bit worried. People say Neal Schon is influenced by this period, but you never know maybe Carlos Santana hijacked Neal Schon’s style a bit? Stranger things have happened! BUY IT!

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