NAZARETH: Malice In Wonderland PROMO LP 1980 Check videos of “Holiday”, “Fallen Angel” + 2 video reviews + an audio review. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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Check the exclusive video showing this LP for sale

Check the exclusive video showing this LP for sale

Track listing
1. Holiday
2. Showdown at the Border
3. Talkin’ to One of the Boys
4. Heart Grown Cold
5. Fast Cars
6. Big Boy
7. Talkin’ Bout Love
8. Fallen Angel
9. Ship of Dreams
10. Turning a New Leaf

Malice in Wonderland (1980)
Dan McCafferty – singer
Manny Charlton – guitars
Zal Cleminson – guitars, synthesiser
Pete Agnew – bass guitar
Darrell Sweet – drums

Nazareth – Holiday 1980 official video w. HQ sound

Many big time ’70s rock bands had a hard time carrying their success into ’80s. But although Nazareth had already reached their creative and commercial peak with such releases as 1975 HAIR OF THE DOG, the Scottish band could still rock with the best of them, as evidenced by their first release of the new decade, 1980 MALICE IN WONDERLAND.
Standout tracks include the album opener “”Holiday,”” “”Heart Grown Cold,”” “”Big Boy,”” and “”Fallen Angel.””

One of Nazareth Best
This is a seminal album. Child mannequins are sitting around a picnic table watching a large fire burn out of control. On the back, the mannequins are looking at the stars through a telescope. Bizarre – but then the album itself is a different one for Nazareth. Jeff “”Skunk”” Baxter, of Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers fame, stepped in as producer and played on some tracks. The band was in search of a new sound, and they did a wonderful job of finding it. This record is very accessible throughout and radio friendly in places, but maintains the hard edge that the band is known for. Songs like Hearts Grown Cold showcase their considerable skill with ballads, Holiday is great pop song, Talking to One of the Boys is a great number, Fast Cars has a vibraphone accompaniment that adds a sort of experimental feel. There really isn’t a weak track on the album – it just goes from strength to strength. The last song, Turning a New Leaf, plays in my head constantly. Malice in Wonderland is perhaps Nazareth most accessible album and I wouldn’t be surprised if some fans of their earlier music saw it as a sellout when it was first released. Nevertheless, anyone who appreciates good rock music is insane if they don’t give this album a chance. Don’t take my word for it, the band themselves say that this one is a favorite and they include more songs from it in their live set than any other. So pick up a copy – it a classic.

Nazareth Get A New Producer And Continue Their Hot Streak
Nazareth hired Jeff “”Skunk”” Baxter to produce MALICE IN WONDERLAND, and the results are great. The opener, “”Holiday””, describes the feeling of ennui that arises from self-indulgence, and, along with the cautionary ballad “”Fallen Angel””, has motivated me to look at pictures of pretty actresses as a deterrent to such behavior. That hardly the only great song here, as Baxter apparently encouraged the band to try new sounds, including cleaner guitar textures and exotic rhythms. This CD shows a band continuing to grow and refine their sound, and is an essential purchase for any Nazareth fan, as well as any fan of 70s and 80s rock in general.

The first four tracks on side A, nearly make a perfect radio album side. “Fallen Angel” is the album highlight & ranks closely to “Star” as probably the bands second best ballad ever. McCafferty absolutely hits every note with purpose as the orchestral arrangement builds the song to it’s apex while Charlton delicately dances around it with a beautiful acoustic riff. Also, the fan favorite “Big Boy” deserves to be mentioned as one of their lost gems & offers insight towards where the band was headed musically. Overall, fans were rewarded with one of the better albums of Nazareth’s career.

A very good album!!!…most of the songs of this record will put a smile in your face for sure (1,2,4(a nice song),5,7,8 & 9)…85/100

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