NANGYALA: Spheres CD Very melodic Progressive Rock-Metal from Holland. For fans of PINK FLOYD, PORCUPINE TREE, MARILLION. Check audio samples.


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Nangyala – Spheres
Label: Not On Label -none [SELF RELEASED]
Format: CD, Mini-Album
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1997
Genre: Prog Rock
1 Afraid 5:56

2 No Willy! 6:06

3 Satin Dress 6:43

4 As You Fly 5:44

5 Brand New Day 6:18

Copyright 1997 Nangyala – All rights reserved.

Very melodic and slightly Progressive Rock -Metal from Holland. Good vocalist from Greece. The music has a large Hammond organ presence and is thoroughly melodic with both up-tempo and more laidback parts. The main reference is Pink Floyd and bands derived from that band, but the main focus with Nangyala is on songs instead of atmosphere.
Song by song analysis:
After Afraid opens with lush keyboards and some Pink Floyd type of guitar we get to a mid-tempo part loaded with organ. The vocal part is very soft and moody with acoustic guitar and keyboards in the back. The lyrics as we might expect are on the darker side of the mind. The spoken vocals over the radio are a nice touch in this track and the melodies are quite nice. The music burbles with organ and contains the obligatory guitar solo (getting nice toward the end) and it turns out this is quite a good track, with a number of Floyd references. No Willy! This instrumental track is a strikingly happy tune and is a track with a few jazzy corners and strikes me as being some kind of jam with guitar and organ engaged in conversation. The very unhappy lyrics of Satin Dress about a girl raped and so on during war, loosing in this way her satin dress cannot call for anything but sad music. Jelmer Bijlsma plays the violin beautifully on this depressing ballad adding another melancholy note. The melody he plays in the “”solo”” is very beautiful. At the end the song picks up pace and the singer starts to wail. As You Fly has a nice bombastic (but familiar sounding) intro and typically progressive instrumental intermezzo. The closer is Brand New Day opening with soothing vocals, acoustic guitar and organ. The chorus is a bit too mellow

This symphonic/psych band has its its roots in PINK PROJECT, a 12-musician set who have performed spectacular live shows of PINK FLOYD’s The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon in front of 10,000 + audiences. Both at home (Netherlands) and in Belgium, they have also shared the stage with the likes of TIMOTHY PURE, FOR ABSENT FRIENDS, RACCOON, SUBURBS and CARTHAGO. They were first to perform in the Omniversum’ in The Hague, providing live accompaniment to the IMAX film Destiny in Space. In 1995, five of the twelve musicians decided to form NANGYALA and compose some original material.

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