MUCUPURULENT: Soul Reaver CD PROMO Grind n roll, rocking old school death metal. Check whole album, all songs! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


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Flat / slim paper case promo, not in jewel case

If you want to know what Grind&Roll sounds like, you can probably get an answer from German band MUCUPURULENT. Founded in 1995, and still unchanged to this day, this German band is set to release the newest album entitled “”Soul Reaver”” through Morbid Records.

The best way to describe the musical direction of MUCUPURULENT is groovy heavy music with deep grunts. Most of the tracks on “”Soul Reaver”” have a somewhat Old School Death Metal feeling in the sense of headbang-addictive melodies. The connections with the Rock&Roll are indeed easily made. As for the Grindcore part, this is hard to define, but I guess this has to come from the vocals and the lyrical themes. Although I don’t have lyrics here, the titles hint towards the Grindcore direction.

Enough categorizing, the 11 tracks on this album are strong and remain on a high level of interest during several spins… Songs like “”Again””, “”Back To The Bones”” and “”Nightcrawler”” just plain rock!MUCUPURULENT – “”Soul Reaver”” is THE album if you are looking for plain good headbanging music!!!


Mucupurulent is the true definition of an underground metal band. They have released three albums plus miscellaneous other format releases and are still a little-heard-of band. Soul Reaver is the band’s first album for Morbid Records which consequently might extend the band’s recognition on the scene. The band reckons the songs form a sort of a road trip soundtrack – hence the unconventional cover photo of an old car idling in a desert. Band and label like to use the term ‘grind’ quite often in reference to the band, but fans should know that the term refers more to the depth and breadth of the delivery (including the suffocating heaviness) as opposed to the speed or blast. Most of the material here is in fact mid-paced. Mucupurulent’s singer is a dead-ringer for Cianide’s Mike Perun. His vocals are deep and powerful and figuratively are what define Mucupurulent. Timo Reichert’s voice is steady and towering. The man breathes a gail of death and destruction upon the listener and does so routinely. The riffs are simple and effective. They do the job without having to resort to any degree of technicality. They are routinely accompanied by quasi-ambient guitar back-drops which, in this particular case, makes for a compelling package. In fact, the aforementioned combination is the basis for Mucupurulent’s compulsive catchiness. All the same, the guitars have a harsh sound to them. Overall the Germans are brutal with a speedy tempo and a powerful backbone.The band uses several samples too, albeit not in too big a dosage. The sound is both full and thick. The Return Of The Squad is particular because the song begins with an industrial riff and samples before introducing, what is probably, the album’s most effective riff. Drive Me Dead has some interesting guitar work on it. There is even a riff one could have sworn was originally used by Guns N Roses

Label:  Morbid Records  MR 097
Format: CD, Album, Promo
Country: Germany
Released: 2002
Genre:  Grindcore


1. Again 03:45
2. Pain Lasts Forever 03:31
3. Spine of Madness 03:23
4. Back to the Bones 04:30
5. Unbreakable 03:23
6. Soul Reaver 04:11
7. Nightcrawler 02:55
8. The Return of the Squad 03:39
9. Vermin 04:30
10. Like Gasoline 01:12
11. Drive Me Dead 02:26

Flat / slim paper case promo, not in jewel case

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