MSG Michael Schenker Group: Built to destroy 1983 SIGNED, Autographed [Gary Barden]. Rare original Cassette tape Chrysalis ‎– ZCHR 1441. CHECK AUDIO


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PROMO VIDEO Rock will never die! …we have Schenker playing chess with Death -a reference to Ingmar Bergman’s “The 7th Seal”- Slash from Guns n’ Roses @ 1.28 + 1.44, a chick with a white top and a black leather skirt, Michael Jackson, a guitar solo on top of a car………. too much epicness!!
SLASH: “I was already familiar with the long and arduous process of recording videos: I was in one for a Michael Schenker song taken from his album Built to Destroy”

The Michael Schenker Group ‎– Built To Destroy
Label: Chrysalis ‎– ZCHR 1441
Format: Cassette, Album
Country: UK
Released: 1983
Genre:Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
A1 Rock My Nights Away 4:05
A2 I’m Gonna Make You Mine 4:15
A3 The Dogs Of War 4:26
A4 Systems Failing 4:29
A5 Captain Nemo 3:19
B1 Still Love That Little Devil 3:25
B2 Red Sky 5:15
B3 Time Waits (For No One) 3:59
B4 Walk The Stage 5:55   —> This song is the famous  Rock will never die (Walk the stage). HOWEVER in this version the  “Rock will never die” is missing in favour of the ” (Walk the stage)”!!!

Bass – Chris Glen
Guitar, Artwork By [Cover Concept] – Michael Schenker
Keyboards – Andy Nye
Vocals – Gary Barden


Sporting a classic heavy metal cover, “Built to Destroy” has a tough cover image however, “Built to Destroy” is a bit glossy, and even places at times the keyboards more out front in the mix than Schenker’s beloved flying V. The instrumental track, “Captain Nemo”, and the guitar solo to “Systems Failing” are still stellar examples of Schenker’s guitar playing. I also quite like “Time Waits”, a stellar hard rocker. Several classic tracks,namely the opener ‘Rock the Nights Away’,’Rock Will Never Die’, the superb instrumental ‘Captain Nemo’ and ‘Still Love That Little Devil’

How about some classic hard rock stuff, and with a personal favourite?
“Built To Destroy” is the best MSG album – in my opinion – of their early era. Features Schenker’s finest fretwork and the return of Gary Barden as frontman.
For this album keyboardist Andy Nye has more presence both in the playing as in the songwriting, which redounded in a more commercial sound..
This tape really sounds terrific.

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars,
Built to Destroy is very strong in terms of Schenker playing, Barden vocals, the songs themselves, and the performance of the band generally. There is not a single dud track on the album. This is excellent.
Built to Destroy opens with a corker – Rock My Nights Away, which has superb guitar soloing. Next, is I’m Gonna Make You Mine, which is a very catchy sing-a-long. Next is the entirely respectable Dogs of War – excellent riffs – no duds so far. Systems Failing is yet another great sing-a-long. This album is more catchy than Assault Attack. Captain Nemo is a superb and well-known Schenker instrumental. Still Love that Little Devil is yet another great catchy number, as is Red Sky. The songs on this album are very strong, as are Barden vocals. Time Waits for No-one is very boppy. This is almost a party album – very uplifting. Walk the Stage (Rock will Never Die) is more of a ballad, and yet is still strong melodically, and has an excellent guitar solo. Definitely get this album – it is less harsh on the ear than Assault Attack. Recently at a party, it was great having Built to Destroy on in the background. That was when I first realised that it did actually work well as an album – against what some critics think!

The Michael Schenker Group was quite prolific in the early ’80s. Built To Destroy was MSG’s fourth studio album in four years. This time, Gary Barden was back on vocals. He was also the singer for MSG’s first and second albums (but not their third).
Built To Destroy was released on Chrysalis Records. Two versions of the album were released. The original mix was released in Europe.
Built To Destroy contains what I think is The Michael Schenker Group’s best song, Rock Will Never Die. This song has a mellow verse in which Barden shines, and a truly rockin’ chorus. Other favorites are Time Waits (For No One) and Rock My Nights Away. Throw these great MSG records into a pot with the Vandenberg albums and you’ve got yourself a real tasty Euro-rock stew.”

Back in the eighties this album sounded pretty solid with 6 or 7 typically melodic Schenker tunes and two or three more commercial tracks. The opener “Rock my Nights Away” is classy with a heavily influenced keyboard rhythm. “I’m Gonna Make You Mine” and “Dogs of War” are also great, the album on the whole leaning towards a more commercial feel. The best track was probably saved till last in the ballad “Walk the Stage”.

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