MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD: Nothing in vain CD Vegan straight-edge hardcore / metalcore Brooklyn, New York City. Check audio (whole album)


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this is 66:11 long and features 12 proper tracks, 3 demo tracks and about 20 minutes of the band discussing Drakkar Noir and stretching. Most Precious Blood is better than Indecision (even better than “”Release The Cure””) and “”Nothing in vain”” is destined to be a classic.

The feeling the listener gets when he or she listens to it isn’t much different from listening to Unbroken’s “”””. It just has the same extremely dramatic tone (though not quite as emotionally- heavy as Unbroken.) The first track contains the breakdown of the year, the bass lines are far better than any band playing this style of music, the recording is monstrous, and Tom’s vocals are better than they ever were in Indecision. There’s a surprising amount of melody through the album, even through the chugging mosh parts. Great lyrics, great layout, incredible album.

5.0 out of 5 stars does indecision justice,
great new school hardcore cd. i saw them live with Hatebreed, hope conspiracy, and with honor. they definitely put on a great show. although, i’m not a big fan of the new vocalist on the new cd. this cd is better. definitely pick up if you liked or indecision or like hardcore. standout tracks: in effigy and less than zero.
5.0 out of 5 stars For Those I Love I Will Sacrifice,
I bought this album when I saw Most Precious Blood live with Hatebreed. The played a good set. I got to meet Justin, Rachel, and Matt from the band. They signed my CD and were really nice. Most Precious Blood is one of Indecision’s album titles. Indecision featured current members of Most Precious Blood. Their guitarist, Rachel, is a female which is rare in a metal band. I don’t mean to take anything away from her, she really rocks. Vocalist Tom Sheehan (who has since been replaced) has a strong, screech-like scream. The album cover is a bathtub with blood in it and on the back it shows a man in the bathtub bleeding from the wrist and has the lyrics from the song “”The Lantern”” Love is stronger than Death at the bottom. Inside the booklet, the band explains that the album cover is just abstract artwork made by their good friend Justin Borucki and they in no way condone suicide. It goes on to say that they put a lot of thought into their album covers and they want it to “”help illustrate the lyrics””. It ends with the powerful statement FOR THOSE I LOVE I WILL SACRIFICE….
The opening track, “”Less Than Zero””, which contains the standout lyrics Burn my fingertips so that no one knows my name, is a favorite of mine. It lets the listener know that the album will be good. It’s followed by “”Apparation””, another one of my favorites. Along with great music, the band writes amazing lyrics, some about death and love loss. For example, the song “”Sincerely,”” contains the lyrics “”I can set a watch to the change of your heart”” and “”The Lantern”” has the lyrics “”I’d give my life just to save yours””. After the twelve regular tracks on the CD, there are twelve tracks of nothing, each twenty-six seconds in duration. After that, there are a bunch of tracks of the band messing around and talking, some of which are funny. This is followed by some songs that I think are demo versions of a few songs on the CD or something like that, which makes the entire CD ninety-nine tracks and about one hour and six minutes long.
The CD is a must for any Indecision fan. It’s also good for fans of bands such as Shai Hulud, Eighteen Visions, From Autumn To Ashes, Bane, or Norma Jean. I suggest you pick this up and I’m sure you’ll like it.
5.0 out of 5 stars A must’ve!!,
mpb brings you an album title “”nothing in vein”” and yes its not in vein that i support hardcore music because it deserves my support! Now mpb’s album “”nothing in vein “” has an pure sound that will leave you wanting more and more from these guys! Buy it now!
5.0 out of 5 stars Indecision Returns,
So you might’ve heard of a little band called Indecision, ya know, that legendary hardcore powerhouse. Well they had some difficulty in their band and in 2000 they broke up. However, feelings of the band were still up in the air, and one year later, they reformed as Most Precious Blood (titled after one of their Indescision albums), and put out this album: “”Nothing In Vein.”” It’s everything I expected, and so much more.
Everything you loved about Indecision is still here. Insane hard driving guitars from Rachel and Justin. Tom Sheehan’s shrilling screams are still present and sound better than ever, and the tight rhythm section will knock your socks off. You won’t find any of the generic metalcore melodic parts or solos here, just hard driving emotional moshcore. This belongs in every hardcore fan’s library.
Top tracks: “”Less Than Zero””, “”Apparition””, “”The Lantern””, “”Sincerely.””
5.0 out of 5 stars Incredible,
The first time i heard the first track start i couldn’t believe how great it was. MPB is originally Indecision which broke up a year earlier. This is one of there best work. I’d have to say that this falls under one of the best hardcore cd’s of all time, in my view that is.
5.0 out of 5 stars old school moshcore
one of the best hardcore albums to come out in the last several years, most precious blood play a brand of metalcore not recently heard of from other bands. the intensity of bands like 18 visions and from autumn to ashes without the metal riffs or whiny singalongs. just fast, hard, aggressive, and brutal straight up mosh.

Label: Trustkill Records ‎– TK36
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 2001
Genre: Hardcore
1 Less Than Zero 2:46
2 Apparition 3:28
3 Sincerely, 2:00
4 In Effigy 2:17
5 The Knot 1:48
6 The Lantern 2:01
7 Morphine 2:37
8 And The Band Played On 1:31
9 Come What May 1:54
10 Heroes And Conspiracies 2:36
11 Song Of Siren 1:30
12 No Place Like Home 4:09
Hidden Tracks
13 Silence 5:00
14 Tape Recordings 22:21
15 The Knot (Demo) 1:37
16 And The Band Played On (Demo) 1:30
17 Sincerely, (Demo) 1:54
18 Song Of Siren (Demo) 1:26
19 Come What May (Demo) 1:49
20 The Lantern (Demo) 1:55
After track 12, No Place Like Home, audio is broken up into eighty-seven tracks. Most are 27-seconds long, the shortest is 11-seconds, and a few others are somewhere in between. The “Hidden Tracks” use the actual length of these sections, which are 5 minutes of silence, 22 minutes of tape-recorded conversations between band members, and the Most Precious Blood demo recordings.
Vegan straight-edge hardcore/metalcore band from Brooklyn, New York City, formed in 2001, from the remnants of Indecision

The Great Red Shift

Most Precious Blood, “The Great Red Shift”-From “Our Lady Of Annihilation”-Directed by Dale Resteghini-Edited by Dave Brodsky

Posted by Most Precious Blood – OFFICIAL PAGE on Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Shark Ethic

Most Precious Blood, “Shark Ethic”-From “Merciless”-Directed by Jesse Smith

Posted by Most Precious Blood – OFFICIAL PAGE on Tuesday, 28 July 2009

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